Julie Hermann and Rutgers Sports Lunacy

May 26, 2013

Julie HermannThis is ridiculous on so many levels. I don’t abide the former players witch hunt against Julie Hermann, nor am I bothered by a 20 year-old wedding video some gal used to sue her former school after she was fired. You can check out all the details at link below and think what you want.

But on top of everything else, as athletic director, Rutgers is going to pay Julie Hermann $450,000. Really? There’s also a related item at Mail Online.

The whole system sounds out of whack if you ask me.

During three interviews over the past nine days, Hermann said she viewed the Rice saga as a cautionary tale as she prepares to take over at a school poised to go into the big-money, high-stakes Big Ten Conference.”In my opinion, that cant go one inch forward until we have healed from the inside out,” said Hermann, who will be paid $450,000 annually. She added, “All of us need to buy into, Heres what we stand for. And if we dont stand for that, you cant stay. No one can stay.”Two of her former bosses extolled her as a leader.

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  1. Mike Goffinet says:

    Dan, I thought that when Hermann was hired it was more of a PC hire than a qualification hire. After this debacle, the idiots who made this call should have nothing to do with the leadership of Rutgers University. Yet another example of when Academia meets Reality.