Lil’ Ol’ Me On Michele Bachmann At … NPR

May 30, 2013

No, I didn’t write the NPR item – they aren’t that crazy! lol But I was glad that Liz Halloran reached out to me yesterday for my thoughts on Michele Bachmann. Frankly, I was beyond disappointed at some of those dumping on her.

Say what you want, she was a fighter in the trenches when there weren’t that many of us. I’m glad to see Liz included a fair number of my comments, along with those of others. All in all, a good piece, as usual from Liz Halloran.

Michele Bachmann

Bachmann’s Legacy: A Trailblazer, For Better And For Worse

“She was definitely a presence,” says conservative blogger Dan Riehl, who added that he chose to “ignore most of the calamity, the gaffes” that have punctuated her political career.

“She was a voice against the Republican establishment, a thorn in its side,” he says. “In certain ways, she was an iconic figure — effective just because she was there … She was kicking on the door early and was isolated. You have some people benefiting from the heat she took.”

“Say what you want, but she was a woman making her way into an all-boys club, and because she was on the right, she didn’t have women’s groups rallying around her,” Riehl says. “She was there on her own.”

Read the rest via Bachmanns Legacy: A Trailblazer, For Better And For Worse

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    The moonbattery is doing a lil’ victory dance on what they think is her grave.

    Typical vile Collectivists.

    • horowitz says:

      And here I thought moonbattery was a Nazi neocon website just like this one.

      • Ragspierre says:


        You cannot “think”. As demonstrated.


        • horowitz says:

          What I see is that this is a Nazi neocon website. And I told you once before, using all those mutiple punctuation marks is indicative of an immature mind. Hell, I even did you the courtesy of providing links for you to confirm that. Another Nazi, neocon site. The good news is that I can print these out and use them to wipe my ass. Saves on Charmin.

          • Ragspierre says:

            Then you floss.

            What a pathetic excuse for a troll…


          • horowitz says:

            But I try so hard to be a good troll. I am crushed. I am sure you know that Robspierre was a murderous SOB and that’s why they offed his ass. It is people like yourself who gave us Dachau, Aushwitz, Bergen-Belsen, and Treblinka. To name just some.

          • Ragspierre says:

            Sadly, I do see your effort.

            For all the good that does, moron.

            Sad you don’t have the snap to discern that RAGS and ROBES are…like…opposites.

            But, there you are…

            Just another Collectivist hater.

          • horowitz says:

            Did I fail to mention Majdanek? Don’t quite know what that rag/robe thing was all about but I do know that a rag is a worthless piece of cloth so I guess your use of it fits you well. I may have to get a lobotomy so I can compete with you at your level. And no matter how you sugar coat it, Michelle Bachmann is a retrograde mentality that so represents your beloved Tea Party. And you are still misusing your punctuation mark but remedial classes are available.

  2. Jeannine Slipher says:

    It’s a very sad state of affairs this country when people with common sense and decientcy are mocked and ridiculed a very sad state of affairs. Truly a great person maybe our next president. She would have my vote

  3. GFRF says:

    Love this woman.
    Balls of steel

  4. Sam says:

    Most of her so-called ‘gaffes’ were ideological disagreements with her critics.

    The inanities spewed forth by the Democrat loons Pelosi, Reid, Hilary and Obama, among many others, dwarf any occasional misstatement Michele may have uttered.

  5. I love Michele Bachmann and will miss her presence dearly

  6. Tracy says:

    She definitely was “there on her own”. She has been attacked by so many for standing true to her conservative values, it is a shame.

  7. Ragspierre says:

    The Gardasil made that dumb bitch retarded.

    • Angel Nova says:

      Shame on you, bitch!

    • Ragspierre says:

      This was…obviously…my suck-puppet, posting yet another lying, cowardly post in my name.

      Cong. Bachmann holds an advanced, specialized degree in tax law.

      Compare and contrast to “Doctor” Biden.

      What a moron.

  8. Angel Nova says:

    Just like Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum or other conservatives with a belief in God, the sanctity of life, the constitution, limited government and traditional marriage, the evil left has destroyed one of the remaining voices of reason and the foundation of how America was built. Her stand on the threats of Islam is one reason that I will miss about this brave woman. I will miss you, Micheele

  9. Mike Dallas says:

    She has bigger ?*!$ than most men in willingness to fight. Amen to her. Wish more like her!

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  11. Chuck Drake says:

    At the very same time the left espouses their, ill-gotten, belief that Conservatives hate woman, their treatment of female Conservative politicians usually gutters down to toilet talk.

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