Miley Cyrus pic hits the Web

May 25, 2013

Update: I’m betting it’s a Photoshop. Frankly, doesn’t matter that much to me and I didn’t look at it closely before. But if you look at the black interior of the vest up around her armpits – it looks Photoshopped for sure. eh.

The wardrobe matches up. If it’s a fake, they’re, I mean, it’s a good one. But you’ll have to click through the link at bottom for the NSFW version.


Thanks to loyal Celebslam reader David for sending in this pic which is allegedly from Miley Cyrus’ recent photoshoot for theMaxim Hot 100. The jeans/necklace/fingernails do match a verified pic from the photoshoot (see here), so this might actually be real. I’m gonna go ahead and forward it to Billy Ray for verification.

via Miley Cyrus is topless.

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