Oklahoma Tornado Kills at Least 91, Twenty of them Children

May 21, 2013

There are no words for a blog post right now. (Click photo to enlarge) Additional photos here.

woman and child

A giant tornado, a mile wide or more, killed at least 91 people, 20 of them children, as it tore across parts of Oklahoma City and its suburbs Monday afternoon, flattening homes, flinging cars through the air and crushing at least two schools.

The injured flooded into hospitals, and the authorities said many people remained trapped, even as rescue workers struggled to make their way through debris-clogged streets to the devastated suburb of Moore, where much of the damage occurred.

More: Vast Oklahoma Tornado Kills at Least 91 – NYTimes.com.

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  1. Ragspierre says:


    From the guys who care about the middle-class, the working people, and the children.

    • Tlaloc says:

      Isn’t it odd how pointing out how the right’s policies contribute to human suffering is completely off limits and inappropriate…according to the right.

      Look if you don’t want people pointing out that coburn is an ass for holding his own constituents hostage in order to score cheap points for a discredited economic theory… well too bad.

      You’d be, you know, on a little better moral ground if you shamed him for refusing to help the people of his own state. but he’s on the team, so you give him a pass for anything.

      • Ragspierre says:

        Coburn is not “holding his own constituents hostage”, you moronic liar.

        He is simply showing some integrity.

        He expects…and we all know…that aid will flow to Oklahoma.

        He wants it off-set in the budget.

        Just like you would do at home.

        You sick, demented, hate-twisted Collectivist liar.

        • Tlaloc says:

          I know it’s hard but try to work through your blind partsan rage for a moment and think. Either:

          a) coburn is honest and he intends to prevent aid to OK unless it is offset, in which case he is in fact holding them hostage, OR
          b) he’s lying in which case he’s both a hypocrite and a liar.

          Really I don’t care which case it is, both are adequately covered by saying he’s a disgrace and it’s a shame that the people of OK elected such a douche to represent them. Maybe this episode will teach them something about not putting people who believe government is evil into positions of power in government…

          • Ragspierre says:

            This is too stupid and illogical to even warrant any response.

            I’ll just leave it hanging there.


  2. Ragspierre says:


    In a piece titled, “Anyone regret slashing National Weather Service budget now?” Salon writer David Sirota links the tornado in Oklahoma to the sequester, arguing that we should be as prepared as possible for severe weather events, “but there’s an increasing chance that we will not be thanks to the manufactured crisis known as sequestration.”