Oops: Arbitron rains On Dickey Brothers’ Anti-Rush Limbaugh Parade

May 9, 2013

rushcigarInteresting. I pointed out earlier today how HuffPo used an undisclosed Progressive source to try and ding Rush Limbaugh. Now it seems Arbitron is throwing cold water on what appears to be a campaign by Cumulus owners Lew and John Dickey to run down their own talent, Rush Limbaugh.

Arbitron’s latest release indicates just how strong Talk radio actually is performing across America today.

Radio Today 2013 is an in-depth snapshot of radio listening nationwide and the 22 most popular radio formats. Radio Today combines Scarborough consumer profiles with Arbitron audience data to develop a comprehensive profile of radio listening across America, based on the Spring 2012 Diary and April-May-June 2012 PPM® survey periods.

Here’s the Executive Summary – available in pdf. You can read it for yourself. Net net – talk radio is going strong and advertisers are going to go where the people are, no matter the Dickey Brothers’ liberal politics. Too bad their routinely criticized mismanagement can’t seem to muster an ad sales organization capable of taking advantage of their having one of the strongest performers to have ever done the talk radio format – Rush Limbaugh.

Among the formats in this year’s study (listed in order of national Average Quarter-Hour share and appearance in the study)…

Country + New Country, already No. 1 in our report last year, grew again to remain in first place and reach another record audience share. The
format benefited most from an influx of listeners aged 18-24 and is even No. 2 among teen listeners nationally.

News/Talk/Information + Talk/Personality remained No. 1 in PPM markets and No. 2 in the rest of the U.S. The 2,121 rated AM, FM, HD
Radio®, and streamed stations in these formats far exceed any other format. Like other spoken word formats, N/T/I + T/P rank prominently in
highly educated, high income listeners.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Hannity noted his radio revenues have never been higher.

    So… Eat it, Collective.

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  3. Kelly says:

    I just completed an Abritron diary and sent it in today. I’m a big listener of talk radio so glad I could help.

  4. I still want him to bail on WABC just to watch that mess of a station crash and burn http://bit.ly/ZLCYOA

    • radioone says:

      Rush will move to the Clear Channel station as soon as his contract is over with the current station. The Dickey’s should put their money where the mouth is and air “Progressive Talk” and see what happens to their ratings and billings…….

    • Irwin Chusid says:

      I’d love Rush to leave WABC so I can listen to his program w/o having to hit “mute” for seven minutes at the top of every hour.

  5. great unknown says:

    And Carbonite still hasn’t recovered…

    • Joethefatman™ (@joethefatman1) says:

      Did Beck ever stop them from advertizing on his site?

  6. Elfaygo says:

    It would nice to see an update on Carbonite’s economic status in the wake of the imbroglio over Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra Fluke. I had many months to run on my contract with Carbonite when it dropped its ads from Limbaugh’s program, and the company would not give me a refund when I tried to quit.

    When I refused to sign up for a fifth year with Carbonite, I received several e-mails asking why I left. Of course, I said it was because how Carbonite had treated Limbaugh. I suspect lots of others were in my boat, so the company’s poor decision may have hurt its bottom line long after the controversy had died down.

    • Tea Party Iowa says:

      We left Carbonite as well, though it was my assessment that any company which intends to offer security and assurance is not an appropriate solution provider when led by a hot head, irrational CEO who lashes out and exposes his company due to his personal, emotional beliefs.

      You wouldn’t fly on an airplane that had a reactionary and emotional pilot. You wouldn’t invest your retirement funds in a company with a nut who puts his personal politics ahead of the investment needs of his customers. And you don’t trust your data backup to a company that probably won’t be there tomorrow because its leader is a political kook.

      • Jim Nicholson says:

        Lots of airlines have reactionary emotional pilots. For example, there was a recent report of a pilot who returned a plane to the airport when parents on the plane complained that the in-flight movie was inappropriate for their children.

    • cheeflo says:

      If I recall, Carbonite fell short of its 2Q growth target and suffered a 15% drop in its stock price in one day after pulling their advertising.

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  8. thomass says:

    What makes you think the Dickey’s are progs or liberals (other than being jerks)?
    I worked for those a-holes and always had the impression they were conservatives.
    Whats really happening is they’re trying to spread the blame around for their incompetence.
    They’ve been running the company into the ground and are just making excuses.

  9. Orson says:

    What is “PPM?”

    • thomass says:

      Portable People Meters. People keep these with them and it picks up what station they’re listening to on the radio for creating ratings. Before them people would do diaries they’d turn in. PPM has, btw, been a disaster for radio… too small a sample size. But that’s another story…

  10. Quiddity says:

    Cumulus: Ad revenue for Limbaugh is down, most likely due to advertisers staying away.

    Dan: Cumulus is wrong because talk radio in general has high listener numbers.

    Talk radio in general doing well does not mean Limbaugh has not declined in listeners.

    Listener numbers are not the issue in this case. It’s advertiser dollars.

    • Squid says:

      Of course you’re right. There’s no reason to expect that the most popular host of a most popular format would bring in any advertising revenue. Especially in the face of self-serving comments made by a miserable failure of a management team.