Oops: Dick’s Sporting Goods sales drop after anti-gun shift

May 2, 2013


Following the Newtown shooting spree, Dick’s Sporting Goods changed their policy and stopped selling AR-pattern and other semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles, even the guns they had already sold.

More via Dick’s sporting goods sales plunge after -Rare.

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  1. ebola131 says:

    Those that don’t remember the past (Smith & Wesson after the 1994 Assault weapons ban)are doomed to repeat it.
    Dumb asses.

    • Maxpwr says:

      It wasn’t the Assault Weapons Ban that hurt S&W, but a separate deal they signed with Clinton 2000 to voluntarily make it harder to sell firearms that their former British owners signed. Thankfully, the boycott caused the Owners to sell and now the new owners are putting out some good products and are much more pro-gun.


      • nadadhimmi says:

        You are 100% correct. Now, Cheaper than Dirt has been goughing the shooting public by hiking their ammo prices WAY above what supply and demand calls for. These Dirt bags are charging $160 for a brick of .22 LR. Support your local gin shop instead of Cheaper than Dirt Bags. My local guy very slightly raised his prices, but only to cover the suppliers costs to him. He allowed only small buys to discourage black marketers. Even he is sold out now. But I will remember his fairness and support for his customers and we will support him. Not all internet retailers are rip off, but Cheaper than Dirt Bags are most assuredly.

        • Sage McLaughlin says:

          If people are willing to pay dramatically more for an item then they can get much cheaper locally, then that’s their own laziness and stupidity biting them. If it really isn’t available locally, though, then your calculations about the supply side of the supply and demand equation must be way off.

        • Virginian says:

          You might not be a dhimmi, but you certainly have some gaps in your economic education.

          When faced with a shortage in supply, retailers have three options.

          1. Keep the price low, and sell out as soon as the truck comes in to people who are waiting at the door.

          2. Keep the prices low, and ration the amount a customer can purchase.

          3. Raise prices, thus ensuring that there will be some in stock for people.

          You have the mistaken opinion that option 3 is somehow morally superior to option three. Your talk of “black markets” and “fairness” reeks of socialism. CTD is engaging in honest trade. I’m so sick of supposedly pro-freedom gun owners whine about the nonsense term “price gouging”.

          • Tyrone Slothrop says:

            You are absolutely correct that these options are all available to retailers, and I don’t personally believe any of them should be prohibited. On the other hand, this panic-driven ammo shortage will end some day, and along with it the retailers’ virtual monopoly. When it does, I’ll remember who the gougers were, and they won’t get my business. Your option #3 should read, “Raise prices and make a killing while you can.” Retailers that do this will reap profits, but they will pay for it in good will,

  2. RobinGoodfellow says:

    After anti-gun stance, Dick’s Sporting Goods’ sales drop off–unexpectedly!

  3. Richard Blaine says:

    Don’t be a Dick!!!

  4. […] We well remember Dick’s Sporting Goods. After Newtown, they stopped selling Sport Utility Rifles, and cancelled sales to those who had already bought and paid for an AR-15. For every action, there is a reaction, and a link at Dan Riehl’s Riehl World View shows Dick’s is paying the price of perfidy. […]

  5. comatus says:

    Meanwhile, Gander Mountain states it will be all guns, all the time. Good for them, unless, unless: if those two firms turn out to have interlocking directorates, there will be a new chapter written in the history of perfidy.

  6. syberpunk says:

    I was looking to buy a gun/storage cabinet from them since they had decent prices. I forgot about that, so I’ll shop somewhere else.

  7. AAron says:

    What shame….ha! Best news I’ve heard today! I made the commitment after that debacle that I woul no longer shop at Dick’s. Apparebtly I wasn’t the only one. The best way to get people’s attention is to use your wallet…or not use it.

  8. willis says:

    At least they are keeping their name. Wear it proudly fellows!

  9. sapper331 says:

    I made the commitment to not use them as well. Glad to see they are reaping what they sowed. Love the earlier comment “Don’t be a Dick”…. so applicable here.

  10. Warlord says:

    Anyone want to buy a sporting goods company at a real cheap price? The present owners of Dicks stupidity will ruin them.

  11. Dr. Deano says:

    Better headline:

    “Choice To Be Pussies Renders Dick’s Impotent”….

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  13. Rasputin says:

    How stupid of Dicks and the other guns retailers such as Davidson’s, to pander to a segment of society who in all probability are not and never will be their best customers, to snub those who are. Whoever made that call in the board room should be sent to work in the mail or the copy room for the rest of their career, at minimum wage.

  14. richard40 says:

    So a company whose core market is hunters and fisherman is surprised that their sales drop after they cave to the Obama/Bloomberg gun grabbers. I hope the stockhoolders in this company are considering booting the idiot executives that made this boneheaded decision.

  15. matt sparrow says:

    Here’s the quote from DKS management.

    “In the fourth quarter, we experienced continued momentum in athletic footwear and apparel along with strong sales in hunting that exceeded our expectations. These increases were partially offset by lower-than-anticipated sales in outerwear and cold weather accessories, as well as a significant decline in the fitness category,” said Edward W. Stack, Chairman and CEO.

    Guns sales are robust at DKS.

    You mopes are getting played by the gun makers!

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  17. John @CTD says:

    I don`t understand how Cheaper Than Dirt can be considered such a great brand at some point, and then drop so down.