Phila. Ex-Con Job Fair “Madhouse,” Cancelled For Crowd Size, Yet Officials Claim Unemployment Way Down

May 19, 2013

How much fail can one government event to help people find jobs have?  This much according to NBC10 in Phila: Job Fair “Madhouse” Dissapoints Many- Unofficial job fair draws thousands  The people were ex-offenders n this case, something Philadelphia apparently has too many of, along with their being un-employed. How’s that for a recipe for disaster?


Video and more below the fold. But how could this happen at the very same time officials were touting a huge drop in un-employment?


Here’s a thought. Perhaps they should fire this set of bureaucrats and let the ex-cons run the next job fair? How much worse could it be?

On the day that the state announced the third-largest decline in unemployment thousands of people tried to pack into an ex-offender job fair.

Statistics released Friday by the state Department of Labor & Industry showed that 13,00 new jobs were created last month while unemployment dropped three-tenth of a percentage point to 7.6 percent.

Despite the drop, nearly 500,000 Pennsylvanians still remain without a job.Despite the drop getting a job still isn’t easy, especially for those with criminal records. And, that desire to find work literally pushed people — resumes in hand — towards the door of the the Philadelphia Municipal Services Building in Center City, according to witnesses.

So, what was the problem, … aside from staggering unemployment disguised by the large number of people who have dropped out of the Obama economy’s shrinking work-force? It seems the bureaucrats that run things have never heard of social media. Duh!

Gillison says 25 employers were on hand for today’s event. Last year, he said, 1,000 people showed up and 435 people got jobs, so this year they advertised through “partners.”

Then, Gillison says, it got on social media and snowballed.

via Job Fair “Madhouse” Dissapoints Many | NBC 10 Philadelphia.

View more videos at:

Also, more here if you’re interested – or, need a job.

 A job fair held for ex-offenders in Center City Philadelphia yesterday had to be shut down due to an overwhelming crowd of job seekers. The city anticipated a turnout of about 1,000 and organizers were shocked when a crowd of 3,000 showed up at the Municipal Services Building. Even with the crowd, the situation was calm—until someone cut the line.

Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison says the space was not equipped to accommodate a crowd that large. He told KYW Newsradio that the maximum number of résumés were accepted and they’ll schedule another event at the Convention Center, which will be able to handle a crowd of that size.

There were 25 employers present for yesterday’s event who were equally disappointed when it was shut down. Last year’s event drew 1,000 people and 435 of them got jobs. The response was much larger this year due to larger advertising efforts. Once news of the job fair went viral, it was a wrap.

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