Photo: Cross-Dressing Richard Branson Pays Lost Bet – Oh, and he shaved his legs

May 12, 2013

Were Richard Branson considered to be a GOP-aligned business mogul, or God forbid, an oil magnate, the feminists and otherwise politically correct Leftists would be all over what appears to be his genuinely ugly ass for this.


Just another day in the never-normal life of Richard Branson, who today had nothing better to do than shave his legs, smear about two kilos of red lipstick on his face, squeeze into a red skirt, and dump orange juice all over a fellow airline magnate.

It was all in the name of a bet, reports the AP, made in 2010 with AirAsia chief Tony Fernandes over their Formula One teams, and today Branson paid up by serving as a rather garish flight attendant on a six-hour flight from Australia to Malaysia.

Branson served drinks and meals—and intentionally dumped the juice all over Fernandes, who fired him and declared his skills “rubbish.” For his part, Branson said he was “glad to have gotten the bet over with and was looking forward to getting back into my clothes.”

Also: “I always wanted to be an air hostess, but it looks like I have to get back to normality.”

via Cross-Dressing Branson Pays Lost Bet – Oh, and he shaved his legs.

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