Photo: Oh, … Oh … Armed Home Invader Michael Maxwell Tasered, Gets Ass Beat, Badly

May 20, 2013

Oh God help me, but I can’t stop laughing. Michael, my man, where did you go wrong?? Hahahahaha

A man accused of storming a home Wednesday saw the tables turned on him as the homeowners beat, kicked, and Tasered the would-be burglar into submission.

Michael Maxwell, 19, was allegedly trying to invade and rob a Palm Bay, Florida home with three companions when the victims became the aggressors and Maxwell received a beating he wouldn’t soon forget.

Police were called to the home around 1am Wednesday and arrested Maxwell and a 17-year-old companion.

Obviously, this dude is too effin’ stoopid to be carrying a gun! Hahahahaha

Michael Maxwell

via Tables turned on armed burglar when he broke into a home and the residents gave HIM a beating | Mail Online.

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