Politico’s Ken Vogel gets the “Get Rush Limbaugh” memo

May 9, 2013

Just noticed an interesting Tweet from Politico’s Ken Vogel. It’s pretty clear that it’s open season on Rush Limbaugh right now, despite his solid position. It’s also clear that this relative pissant Ken Vogel got the memo and is doing his pathetic duty as a water carrier for today’s Left. Tell me again about how serious and objective these alleged journalistic jerks are?

Guess he’s too busy researching Rush Limbaugh to notice there were hearings on Benghazi yesterday.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Note the attempt to tar the report by association with Limbaugh.

    Fail. Epic.

  2. Seton Motley says:

    Ken Vogel – the Left Whisperer:


  3. Rob Crawford says:

    Limbaugh plugs Heritage, and it’s obvious it’s a sponsored bit. Don’t get the problem.