“Protected” Vultures eat 52-year-old woman who fell to her death

May 6, 2013

Can’t be French vultures, they would have eaten the shoes!  Said vultures are protected btw. Women who fall to their deaths, not so much!

The body of a woman who fell to her death off a cliff in the Pyrenees was eaten by vultures.

The woman was left “only bones, clothes and shoes.

“Major Didier Pericou, from the gendarmerie, said the 52-year-old woman died when she fell down a 300m slope on the Pic de la Pista in southern France, near the border with Spain.

She had taken a shortcut while walking with two companions.Major Pericou told The Times: “It is established that she died in the fall.

via Vultures eat the remains of 52-year-old woman – The Independent.

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