Update, 6:22 PM: – KFOR Reports 75 Children In Moore School When Tornado Hit

May 20, 2013


Very sad news from KFOR’s Lance West: search and rescue said there don’t appear to be any more survivors at Plaza Towers Elementary. Seven children’s bodies were removed from the school, and they believe 20 to 30 more children may be inside, but do not believe there are any more survivors.

24 victims are assumed to be in the rubble of the Plaza Towers Elementaryschool.
The effort at the elementary school is now a recovery mission and not a search rescue effort, according to KFOR’s Lance West.

Reporting via KFOR’s live blog.

Latest, more at link. On Twitter there was an unconfirmed report of two dozen dead.

Update, 6:22 PM: KFOR reporter Lance West broke down in tears indicating that he believes rescuers located storm victims in the rubble, suggesting they may not have survived. No fatalities have yet been confirmed.

via KFOR Reports 75 Children In Moore School When Tornado Hit.

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  1. Ragspierre says:


    See? These ghouls will not let the parents of children killed by a natural disaster claim the bodies before trying to lever this for politics.