Video: A ‘Chug’ (Pug – Chihuahua Mix) Cries Watching ‘The Lion King’

May 18, 2013

Almost looks like it’s something of a set up and it may be. But it’s very well done and – hey – it features a cute dog, so how bad can it be?

A dog has been caught weeping after watching an emotional scene from the Disney classic, The Lion King. The chug, which is a mix of a pug and a chihuahua, was watching the movie with its owner, YouTube user SMPULLEN, when it started to whine and cry because of Mufasa’s death.

For those of you who haven’t seen The Lion King, Mufasa is the father to the future king, Simba. When Simba is in his youth, he witnesses his uncle and Mufasa’s brother, Scar, throw his kin into a gorge of stampeding wildebeest, which kills him. After watching the ordeal with her dog, SMPULLEN, uploaded a video with the caption, “My 3yr old chug (puh/chihuahua mix) loves watching tv. This time she started whining while watching The Lion King.”

It would appear that the canine became all teary when Simba discovers his father’s body at the bottom of the gorge. The dog starts to whine as as Hans Zimmer’s score builds and Simba says to his dad’s corpse, “Dad? Dad, come on. Dad, get up. Dad, we’ve got to go home.

via Dog Cries Watching ‘The Lion King’ [Video].

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