White People Stopped By NYPD More Likely To Have Guns Or Drugs Than Minorities

May 22, 2013

Headline courtesy of Think Progress. Where else? That has to be the most racist blog post headline I’ve ever seen. Geesh!

White People Stopped By New York Police Are More Likely To Have Guns Or Drugs Than Minorities

White New Yorkers make up a small minority of stop-and-frisks, which were 84 percent black and Latino residents. Despite this much higher number of minorities deemed suspicious by police, the likelihood that stopping an African American would find a weapon was half the likelihood of finding one on a white person.

Oh, and purely as an aside – this guy below, Michael Maxwell had a gun when he broke into a home – and he MAY HAVE been high. I say that, because he got himself tasered, kicked, beat and otherwise manhandled real, real badly! Imean, THIS is a world class ass-whoopin’ of a genuine moron, folks. So there’s that, too.

But really, I’m just posting it because whenever I look at it I STILL start laughing out flippin’ loud and I wanted an excuse to see it just one more time!! Hahahahahaha

Michael Maxwell, 19, was allegedly trying to invade and rob a Palm Bay, Florida home with three companions when the victims became the aggressors and Maxwell received a beating he wouldn’t soon forget.

Police were called to the home around 1am Wednesday and arrested Maxwell and a 17-year-old companion.

Michael Maxwell

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