Women now free to go Topless in Public in NYC

May 17, 2013


Frankly, the gender parity crap is annoying but I guess I can live with the outcome. I’m tolerant like that.

topless in NY

Ladies of New York , you are free to walk bare-breasted through the city! New York City’s 34,000 police officers have been instructed that, should they encounter a woman in public who is shirtless but obeying the law, they should not arrest her. This is a good step towards gender parity in public spaces.

This decision means that breast exposure is not considered public lewdness, indecent exposure, or disorderly conduct. It also notes that, should a crowd form around a topless woman, the officer should instruct the crowd to disperse and then respond appropriately if it does not. Relative coverage is no longer a factor.

via Topless Women in Public Not Breaking the Law, Says NYPD.

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    • Brison says:

      Great decision! I think titties are a great solution for many of the world’s problems…for myself, I would have a great day EVERY DAY if I saw some titties…in short, I am glad our forefathers were thinking of us concerning the titties.

    • RDM says:

      NYC citizens should just try to make the breast of it!

  1. Anna Keppa says:

    Almost all civilizations realized a long time ago that women should not flaunt their sexual apparatus.

    And if you think breasts aren’t regarded by men as sexual parts, you are out of yer freakin’ mind.

    And did you notice what the police are supposed to do if a crowd develops? They are to “instruct” them to disperse, and then respond “appropriately” (with batons and mace, I suppose) if it doesn’t.

    We can all expect more sexual assaults, followed by complaints by the topless women that they were assaulted.

    This will not end well.

    • Jennifer says:

      There have been beaches all over the country for years that allow women to be topless and they haven’t been sexually assaulted.

      • Artagel says:

        You do realize that there’s a difference between strip-clubs and private beaches on the one hand….and public streets with children seeing naked women doing sexual favors right?

        I’m sorry I have to actually explain this to someone who apparently has no brain.

        You must be a progressive.

      • wombat247 says:

        As a Manhattan resident, I can tell you that a lot of activities that are perfectly acceptable on a beach would draw a crowd on city streets.

      • Denise Dopkins says:


    • Canuckguy says:

      Don’t expect a flood of women to take up the offer. Ontario de-criminalized it a
      few years ago and it did not happen. The
      only topless were mostly strippers advertising for the bars.

    • craig says:

      Indigenous populations have no problems due to exposed breasts.

      • M. Report says:

        Indigenous populations have lots of
        problems due to their primitive societies,
        not the least of which is their inability
        to resist conquest by advanced societies.
        but there could not _possibly_ be any
        relationship between sexual ‘repression’
        and technological progress. /sarc

      • wombat247 says:

        They also don’t have running water or electricity.

    • Anna Has Lost It says:

      So… topless women is directly connected to increased sexual assaults? And, where oh where is the scientific evidence for this? Or is it one of those liberal moments where you just make shit up?

    • lisa says:

      Anna, you are 100% correct!

    • cosette says:

      In some countries, men consider hair to be sexual, and arrest women who don’t wear veils. Likewise many other parts, such as legs and arms. Are we to be subject to concealing whatever men find titillating, or just those that conform to your particular views?

    • cosette says:

      It has been legal to go topless in 1992. Please cite the statistics for increases in sexual assaults and mob riots that have occurred in the last two decades we have been exercising this right.

  2. Dave says:

    Is this just a way to “allow” breast feeding without having to deal with the gray area separating breast feeding from exposure.

  3. Ed Nutter says:

    Well, they had to do SOMETHING to keep everyone from moving to Texas.

  4. papertiger says:

    Breasts Not Bombs, Code Pink, and PETA, hardest hit.

  5. LWGII says:

    I’ll bet they can’t do it in front of a mosque!

  6. Robbins Mitchell says:

    Well,lick her knockers,knickerbockers !

  7. Dan Foster says:

    The kind of women who will now take their shirts off in public are the kind of women you don’t want to see with their shirts off in public

    • Timmy says:

      Bingo. You have understood exactly how feminism works.

      The only women who do this will be ugly attention whores who can’t get a man in a normal setting. Check out the caliber of women who participated in the ‘slutwalks’.

      Also note that no woman who is a 7 or higher in looks seems to talk about rape that much, even though such women would presumably be more at risk than the uggos who talk about it all day long.

  8. Anna Keppa says:

    WTF? This site’s been around for years and it still can’t do word-wrap for comments?

    Primitive. Every bit as primitive as modern day adherents of Mohammed.

    Also a sign that it’s a go-nowhere site.


  9. PacRim Jim says:

    Gresham’s Law of Tatas applies here:
    Bad breasts drive out the good.

  10. Orson says:

    THIS WILL STAND until a crowd attracting Muslim female explodes her underpants bomb, after using her tits to attract Western decadent lust and murder them en mass.

  11. egoist says:

    There are some women you’d rather not see topless; be careful what you wish for.

  12. Warren Bonesteel says:

    So, you can go topless in NYC, but you can’t go topless and carry a Big Gulp.

  13. teapartydoc says:

    They’ll go topless and then spend the entire day complaining about guys staring at their breasts.

  14. Richard in VA says:

    “It also notes that, should a crowd form around a topless woman, the officer should instruct the crowd to disperse and then respond appropriately if it does not.”
    This is what ticks me off. The woman gets a free pass on her behavior, but anyone who reacts to it doesn’t. Why should she be free to do what she wants, but those who react can’t?

    • Anne M.White says:

      Ample evidence that we have reached total confusion regarding law- legal or illegal- morality- moral or immoral- and modesty.

  15. MassJim says:

    Ah, yes. Another serious issue – equality – trivialized by the left.

  16. […] Dan Riehl reports Gotham police have been ordered not to arrest topless women who are otherwise obeying the law. Click here for an example. […]

  17. Capt Obvious says:

    …this is gonna end well

  18. Heres14u2c says:

    Hummm? One step further down the road to a morally bankrupt nation. It shouldn’t, yet it still does, surprise me that corrupt laws like this continue to be passed. Roe gives women the right to murder children in order to avoid parental responsibilities. It discriminates against both children and men by first denying a child its right to life. Men are denied any legal objection to the killing of his child. Men are also denied the right to choose when forced to pay child support in the event the woman chooses not to abort. Why aren’t we fighting against these types of discrimination?

    • Chris A says:

      Agree! These women try so hard to make the rest of us look bad! What a disgrace.

    • Heres14u2c says:

      Let’s hope and pray that most American women have more integrity than to stoop to such levels. Women will NEVER reach equality riding in on the backs of their dead babies or running around with their breast exposed. JUST PLAIN SHAMEFUL !!

  19. Chris A says:

    She will end up being raped by some punk, and she will wonder why!! Why do they have to make the rest of us women look as stupid as they are? Women are so much better than this, and you get this .01% of completely confused and self disrespecting women pulling this stuff.

  20. Hillel says:

    Why not just allow sex right out in public? Would that be appropriate? This basically says that women in NYC are allowed to act like animals. That’s appropriate for NYC though.

  21. Mewho Iam says:

    She’s just so proud of herself isn’t she? Well when the rape statistics begin to sky rocket what are the police supposed to do then. Oh, well they told us we should not arrest her! God forbi

  22. lisa says:

    Any woman with self respect and common sense will not be walking around topless. Does this law include all ages of females? So, children who are unable to make mature decisions will be able to walk down the street topless? To all you men thinking this is such of a good idea, how are you going to feel to see your 15 year old daughter showing off her breasts to your 40 year old mowing his lawn?