WSJ: Worrying about Government spending can get you audited!

May 12, 2013

So, you want to make America a better place to live, huh? Well, that’s going to cost ya! Wow!

The Internal Revenue Service’s scrutiny of conservative groups went beyond those with “tea party” or “patriot” in their names—as the agency admitted Friday—to also include ones worried about government spending, debt or taxes, and even ones that lobbied to “make America a better place to live,” according to new details of a government probe.

The investigation also revealed that a high-ranking IRS official knew as early as mid-2011 that conservative groups were being inappropriately targeted—nearly a year before then-IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman told a congressional committee the agency wasn’t targeting conservative groups.

via Wider Problems Found at IRS –

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    This is just who the Collective is.

    Imagine how it will be when they decide who gets what health care, and they have your medical records!

    A “brave new world”, indeed!

    For my part, I will not comply.

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