Poor Conor (with one N) Friedersdorf, He Doesn’t Has Any Fwiends

June 3, 2013

The main focus of this item by house whipping boy young Conor (with one N) Friedersdorf is that Roger Ailes pulled barking dog Billbo O’Reilly’s chain after he yipped at Rush Limbaugh’s heels and Billbo did what a good poodle does, he sat down and shut up. I’ll leave that for you to judge via the link below. What I want to point out is how genuinely silly is our young Conor.

On the Brink of a Feud With Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly Backed Down

Talk radios Mark Levin, a volatile man as prone to sudden, unexpected outbursts of anger as O’Reilly, hit back. “These blowhards,” he said. “You get arrogant, stupid people who get paid a lot of money to be on radio and TV to be arrogant and stupid. And one of them … is on the Fox News Channel, my favorite cable channel. And he has a fledgling radio show that has no ratings, and hell be off radio soon because hes a failure. Its the non-factor: Bill OReilly.” He went on to call OReilly a “moron, phony journalist” who is “utterly unencumbered with information.

“Amazing, right? Even titans of right-wing media believe that other titans right-wing media are disingenuous hucksters! As someone who’s been making that same critique since around 2008, when that exchange took place, I cant help but chuckle at all the times I’ve been denounced by conservative bloggers for pointing out the very truths spoken by OReilly and Levin: that high profile conservative entertainers regularly violate the trust of their conservative fans. Limbaugh does, in fact, mislead on a weekly basis; O’Reilly is, in fact, curiously unencumbered by facts on occasions when they get in the way of something that he “knows” to be true.

Well, wait a minute, Conor. You’ve just yet once again told us these people are “hucksters,” disingenuous entertainers and not to be trusted.

So, obviously all the above is just shtick manufactured to drum up ratings for all, right?

Ah, but no, not this time! No! THIS time you want the entire world to embrace “the very truths spoken by OReilly and Levin,” … two men you’ve routinely denounced as phonies and frauds. Wha???

How can that be? What, because in this instance they are telling you precisely what you want to hear — suddenly, these gentlemen are casting pearls before swine? Well, which is it, boy? It can’t be both!

Are they frauds and hucksters, or truth-tellers? Good heavens, boy, you’ve just insisted they’re both in all but the same paragraph! Logic, much??

Now, here’s a little truth for you, Conor. First, as regards Mark Levin – a friend – I first became a fan of his not long after he left the Reagan Justice Department and did some TV – CNN mostly. Along with an upfront style, he’s not only a world class lawyer, he’s a first rate legal scholar and when there are important matters of law on the line in politics, I defy you to find a more thorough, or informed source. And most of his fans will likely tell you the same thing.

Now, does he also opine, rant, or, perhaps even, who knows, God forbid, …  bloviate at times? Well… perhaps he does. Oh. My. God!

Clue, young Conor, because that is the format. Get it? It’s info-tainment and always and forever some combination of those two. And here’s another clue – listeners, intelligent and informed ones, anyway, know that. They take the information and the entertainment in stride, separate the wheat from the chaff and get the hell on with their lives.

You on the other hand, believe you’re the onliest guy in the whole universe who has discovered some grand conspiracy, or devious charade that no one, absolutely none of talk radio’s millions and millions of daily listeners could possibly have figured out on their own! Nope, it took little ol’ Conor with one N Friedersorf to come along to save them by figuring it out all by his lonesome. I mean .., Wow! What. are. the. chances???

And you wonder why so many of us don’t take you seriously. Lord, the real questions is, how the hell do you take yourself so seriously?? LOL

Conor, face it, what you are when it comes to Talk Radio is an uninformed listener and, in fact, a rube. Now, go back to your corner and sit down with that other poodle Bill O’Reilly until I decide to tug on your leash and take you out for a run, again. I even promise to do my best to keep it to a walk, in case you’re, you know, chewing gum or something at the same time. I do hate to see you trip yourself up, don’t yanno!

Good boy, Conor. Now behave and next time maybe I’ll scratch your ear, too.


Via On the Brink of a Feud With Rush Limbaugh, Bill OReilly Backed Down – Conor Friedersdorf – The Atlantic.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Oh, Dan, I’m sure Conor has fwiends.

    He’s likely got people who treat him well among the DC Collective. Like their very own tame, neutered poo-doo.

  2. Anna says:

    Is Conor (with several screws loose) still referring to that years old Levin rant? Conor needs to either get more current material or start thinking three dimensionally – which is ‘infotainment’. LOL….or perhaps Conor is swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool, in which case, there ain’t no fixing what he’s got.