Video: Drunk? Woman Falls Asleep, Goes Under Train – Walks Away

July 3, 2013

Video at link below. Wow! They say God watches out for fools, drunks and children. Someone was certainly watching out for this woman, that’s for sure. She should be dead after this, not walking away.

A woman miraculously survived after falling asleep while stood on a subway station and tumbling under an oncoming train.

CCTV footage from the Prague underground on Monday appears to show the young commuter dozing on her feet, staggering towards the platform edge before falling forwards onto the tracks.

Luckily the woman landed in the groove between the rails, giving her enough room to avoid being hit by the undercarriage of the train that quickly pulled into the station.

Police spokeswoman Eva Kropacova said in a statement: “Miraculously the woman stood up, dusted her trousers and walked off.”

She added that the woman refused both medical treatment and a breathalyser test, telling police she was “merely tired”.

via Woman Falls Asleep And Goes Under Train.

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