An Aging Springsteen Tries to Make Christie Look Like A Chump

January 16, 2014

Factually, Christie is more relevant than Springsteen today. I’m not sure he really matters all that much. And I’m no Christie fan. But ….

In hindsight, it’s interesting how in this pic from their meeting, which made Christie wilt, Springsteen seems to be looking right past him. But the copy, in light of the new Fallon video below, is just sad. Frankly, I don’t respect Springsteen for it. While no big fan of Christie, I’m thinking he’s so yesterday in terms of being relevant and Fallon is such a non-factor, I’m really not sure it matters all that much. But who knows with these things? The media certainly is making a fuss over it.

After attending 132 Bruce Springsteen shows, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has finally had some recognition from his musical idol.

For many years, Christie’s love for the singer was unrequited but, as he explained on The Daily Show yesterday, he recently got to grips with his hero.

During NBC’s fundraising concert for victims of superstorm Sandy last week Governor Christie got a hug from The Boss, and he told host Jon Stewart that he tried to be ‘cool’ but wasn’t.


Christie Springsteen

Fast-forward to today:

Last night, Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon mocked “Bridgegate” with a parody of The Boss’ classic tune, “Born to Run.” To be sure, parts were humorous (like the line: “I really gotta take a leak”), but it was as much of a protest song as a skit. After all, accusing Christie of “killing the working man,” is hardly a jest. As John Podhoretz observed, it’s “[h]ard to overcome pop-cultural assaults like this.”

More via Is Chris Christie the new Charlie Crist? | The Daily Caller. FWIW Springsteen strikes me as something of a caricature of himself at this point.

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