But recovery!! Retailers of all stripes sing holiday blues

January 10, 2014

The Obama disaster continues. At least he had a nice vacation.

Several major retailers got hit with serious cases of the post-holiday blues on Thursday as their after-hours stock prices tumbled after a challenging holiday season.

Familiar retail chains — including Sears and J.C. Penney — saw stock prices decline in after-hours trading even as several retailers slashed their fiscal fourth-quarter profit forecasts this week.

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  1. Ragspierre says:


    There is a huge weight sitting atop the American economic engine.

    It is called “Obama”, and nothing will get much better until it is lifted off.

    As predicted for years now.

  2. dunce says:

    The left is rejoicing that Walmart sales are down, they are little concerned that the reason is not that the stores are badly run or have poor products for sale , but that the economy is in the toilet and all the retailers have lower sales. For most of them the government check still comes every month.