Dylan Byers and Brad Dayspring: Two Sides Of the Same Counterfeit Coin

January 9, 2014

Just as we can scratch competent communications director from Brad Dayspring’s resume, Politico’s Dylan Byers makes it clear thinking, let alone reporting, is not his forte with this bit of tripe. I’m wondering what exactly was the point of it –  a ploy for traffic, perhaps? Byers’ item only creates more questions and provides few if any answers. He writes:

Since Sept. 10, SCF has spent $427,000 on copies of Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny,” according to Federal Election Committee filings. Those books were given to donors who provided $25 or more to the group. In that time, Levin has frequently promoted the SCF on his show and on his Facebook page. “Senate Conservatives Fund is dedicated to electing true conservatives to the Senate!” Levin wrote in one post. Levin did not disclose the SCF’s purchases to his listeners.

So, Einstein, … er,  I mean, Dylan – if someone listened to Mark, then contacted SCF to make a donation, thereby getting a copy of Levin’s book, you’re saying they’d have no way of knowing SCF was distributing Levin’s book, … that about right? Do you understand how singularly stupid what you wrote there actually is??

What’s hidden? I believe SCF may even have had the deal on its site when it was active – it WAS a promotion after all. Oh, yeah, these groups always keep THOSE hidden … right?? Let that one sink in, genius!  The Free Beacon even reported on it in August. But you’re going on about disclosure?? Huh?

Furthermore, everyone knows Levin has supported DeMint for years, along with conservative groups and conservative candidates, and he has supported SCF in the past as he does now. So,  does Byers actually know what pay for play means? It doesn’t seem so. If anything, this is guilt by association for associating, or merely even thinking alike.  

All Byers did was regurgitate what a hired political operative Tweeted – an operative paid by the NRSC whose mission is to attack anyone and any group that does not support incumbent Republican senators. What is news about that, other than that it was a completely false allegation with no real substance to support it.

One would think Byers would be familiar with Dayspring’s background and tactics. He either isn’t, or he is and is a willing dupe. Either way, no wonder so many conservatives think Politico is a joke.

Dayspring makes some totally unsubstantiated charges in a series of Tweets, using words and phrases like quid-pro-quo and disclosure. As now pointed out, it was common knowledge the Senate Conservative Fund used Mark Levin’s book as a giveaway in a donation drive. And all Dayspring’s utterance of quid-pro-quo is is a baseless charge intended to infer wrong doing of some kind. He never does actually get around to indicating what kind. But then, that is why they call them smear merchants, … as well as being how they work.

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