Erick Erickson Doubles Down on Stupid, with a hefty dose of Repulsive

January 28, 2014

eekfordTPM highlights a particularly grotesque post by Erick Erickson I gather he thinks will rally the anti-abortion crowd to his side. What it is is every bit as dumb, ugly and pathetic as his previous nonsense.

I don’t always agree with the politics of Greata Van Sustern, or Kirsten Powers, both of whom have chastised Erickson at those links. But I do have enough sense to know that they represent a demographic not just key to Republican victory, but to any viable future for conservatism in America.

That doesn’t mean one should surrender their principles to them; however, it does require engaging them with some intelligence and taste. Erickson lacks both and goes the extra measure to confirm it in his response.

At the very least,  can’t we  at least agree that it’s silly for a conservative  like Erick, who couldn’t get laid in a whore house with a billion dollars in bit coins, to profess to speak to the concerns of contemporary young, often single and decidely independent women we’ll need to keep this movement politically viable going forward?

The GOP may have trouble talking to women. Unfortunately, too many conservatives like Erickson have no problem being repulsive to them in very broad terms. I’m far from PC and have taken and will again take shots at female progressive pundits in the arena. But I do honestly see political candidates and ongoing races as very different. Discourse in and around those all too often gets elevated, becoming capable of tarring a party, or a movement, with a broader brush. I’d rather not be painted with a brush in the hands of an imbecile like Erick Erickson.

Furthermore, abortion is a serious topic with complex thoughts, ideas and emotions on both sides. Idiots like Erickson do the issue a tremendous disservice by engaging it as part neanderthal, part childish attention whore.

Erick Erickson is grateful to fellow Fox News colleague Greta Van Susteren. Thanks to Van Susteren, Erickson reasoned in a blog post published Monday on RedState, more people will see Texas gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis as the abortion lover she is.

More via Erick Erickson Responds To Greta Van Susteren With Graphic Anti-Abortion Screed.

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  1. boxty says:

    So you’re calling for elevated dialog while trashing Erickson with language that is just as crass, if not more, than what originally offended you? What a blind hypocrite you are.

  2. Tim says:

    More diet coke and cigarettes please.

  3. Ragspierre says:

    Dan, maybe a lot less name-calling and more illumination of just what it is that Erikson did that has you knickers knotted, hmmm???

  4. Tim says:

    Her weird facelift and love of Xenu make her perfect for the mindless teabaggers.

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