hahaha MSNBC Pres denies political ideology

January 31, 2014

Bqhatevwr…. But really, does he have to spin to the point where he’s flat-out lying about it?

MSNBC chief Phil Griffin denies his cable network is a platform for the liberal agenda, insisting the channel only welcomes a certain “progressive sensibility.”

via NY Daily News.

Oh, btw – on an ironic note Rachel Maddow Seriously Doubts Scott Brown’s ‘Bqhatevwr’ Was Just A ‘Pocket Tweet’  From one of his “deep thinkers.”

Rachel Maddow ended her show tonight taking on the allegation by former senator Scott Brown that his bizarre tweeting (including the new word “Bqhatevwr”) a few weeks ago was not a result of drinking, but just the unfortunate result of pocket-tweeting. But Maddow wasn’t buying this response, and actually cited some examples to suggest that whatever led Brown to “Bqhatevwr,” it wasn’t a pocket tweet.

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  1. […] hahaha MSNBC Pres denies political ideology Go to this article […]

  2. Ragspierre says:

    No, really…this shows how profound the self-delusion is among the truly in-bubbled.

    Collectivists, remember, LIVE day-to-day in deep delusion, and it has a corrosive effect on their ability to deal with any reality.

    So they just don’t.