How Dumb Is the NRSC’s Brad Dayspring? This Dumb – Shoots At Mark Levin, Hits Self

January 9, 2014

I’ve seen establishment GOP hacks like the NRSC’s Brad Dayspring do some pretty dumb things, but this one takes the cake. No wonder the GOP can’t win much of anything with these idiots in charge. Bradley is director of communications for the NRSC. Why he hasn’t been fired already – as I’ve pointed out before – Dec 5, 2012: The NRSC’s Incompetent “Clown” Brad Dayspring Strikes Again – is a mystery. There’s also more on him going after Limbaugh here. Oh, and here’s where Cantor dumped him before he went to the NRSC. Talk about a bad penny who keeps turning up for some reason. Maybe mommy and daddy are big GOP donors, or something?

Now, today, the NRSC’s resident idiot pretending to be a communications director Dayspring claims the Senate Conservative Fund (SCF) spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make Mark Levin’s book, a best seller. His claim is false. How on Earth can the NRSC allow this guy to be director of communications when he makes such outlandish, if not libelous claims, without doing his homework??

The moron then went on to issue some additional tweets:


Here is what he is referencing and linking:

Such expenditures include purchasing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of conservative commentator’s Mark Levin books to hand out to donors as a freebie for their contributions. His group also paid $143,360 over three years to a luxury design firm to renovate office space in Washington townhouses, according to campaign-finance filings.

Had the foolish and irresponsible Dayspring bothered to check, he’d see that the SCF bought paperback copies of Liberty and Tyrannypublished five years ago in 2009. Consequently, these bulk sales have NOTHING to do with any best seller’s list. That would be Mark’s current book: The Liberty Amendments.

See this from August in the Washington Free Beacon:

The Senate Conservatives Fund, founded by former senator and current president of the Heritage Foundation Jim Demint, is running similar ads to defund Obamacare. The campaign again features Cruz. Sen. Mike Lee (R.,Utah) also appears in an ad.

When calling a separate 1-800 number, an automated voice conducts a nationwide “poll,” which asks if Republicans should defund Obamacare. Respondents are asked to press one if Republicans should stop the law’s implementation, or two if “Republicans should allow it to be implemented.”

After the poll, a message from Cruz is played, ending with, “Can we count on you for a donation?”

With a $25 contribution callers can receive a copy of Mark Levin’s book Liberty and Tyranny.

If you decline, the voice operator then acknowledges that these are “tough economic times,” but asks for a $10 donation to communicate with 100 voters in key states about defunding the health care law.

Obviously, along with not knowing a lot of other things – like how to check his facts before running his dumb mouth on Twitter, Dayspring doesn’t realize how book sales works. Groups from Heritage, to Freedom Works to the SCF often buy books in bulk directly from the publishers. And the authors usually do not enjoy the type of compenssation they might on a current book. One can buy Liberty and Turanny on line right now for $5 at link above.

So, there you have it, Bradley Daysrping, Director of Communications for the NRSC making a scandalous but false charge against one of the Right’ leading radio talk show hosts. Just how dumb is this guy, Dayspring?

Furthermore, the right leaning groups that buy books for these purposes don’t only buy books by Mark Levin. They often buy books written by many right-leaning authors – Michelle Malkin, David Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, etc… for example.

I honestly don’t understand this. What good purpose does it serve for an irresponsible little hack  like Dayspring, who has already caused the GOP so much grief, to anger such prominent Right-side pundits and ultimately their fans by attacking their ability to write and publish books?

And finally, I wonder if current NRSC head Senator Jerry Moran know what this idiot is up to? If not, he most certainly should. Here’s the contact page for the NRSC.

Maybe it’s time we see a little transparency from them and the establishment Republican Senators ultimately behind such a sleazy attack. What is it they are promising their donors in return for campaign donations? Maybe it’s time right side conservative bloggers began taking a closer look at those connections, as well.

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  1. Rick Shaftan says:

    This is the guy who signed fundraising emails purporting to raise money for Steve Lonegan for Senate in New Jersey, but they never gave him a dime.

  2. Ryan says:

    I love that you are taking Dayspring to task. This is great information here. On a related note, it looks like you might be in need of an editor as there are at least a handful of typos and grammar problems with this post. My services are available if you would like to hire me.

  3. OldmanRick says:

    And people wonder why repugnuts are losing elections and support. It would seem they are their own worst enemy.

    • David Langley says:

      It certainly couldn’t be the Democrat’s integrity and popular, effective policies.

      • Krames says:

        YEAH! Totally about “Democrat’s integrity and popular, effective policies”!! Take obamacare for example… Was lied about in order to get passed, WILDLY unpopular, and totally ineffective. Keep in mind, a new term was invented to describe this ‘signature legislation’.

  4. lisa says:

    follow the money

  5. John Galt says:

    The RePUBE-ican party is over. The Progressives have taken over and are in the process of destroying their base. WTF does this idiot think? That Republicans can win without the 40% staunch conservative base?


    • Jakesladder says:

      Name calling, lofty dreams and a lack of numbers outside of the echo chamber.

      Yep, standard liberal terrorist there, folks.

  6. Joe Ryan says:

    Oh hey look, I happen to have a fresh new NRSC email sitting in my inbox. I have let them know that I will not be sending them a dime until they flush all the Brad Daysping from their ranks and show more interest selling the soap than kicking the salesmen.

  7. Blight says:

    Typical lack of knowledge. Delusional at best. Does anyone do their research anymore?

  8. David Langley says:

    The Leftist have infiltrated and taken over the Peace, Environmental, Civil Rights, movements, as well as academia, the entertainment and information media, and turned them all into useful idiots. It should be no surprise they have done the same to the RNC.

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  10. This lackey personifies what’s wrong with the Gee Oh Pee, and it looks like these Establishment types are far outmatched by the likes of Mark and yourself- I guess they expected Fox to help them lie like the rest of the MSM does for Obama.

    Oops they did it again, another failed attack on the right, then pretending it didn’t happen- just like they do with Rove’s election record.

    The Rove-Boehner-McConnell syndicate must be destroyed, now seems like a good time

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  12. Jeanne says:

    How dumb? Dumber than a bag of rocks.

  13. […] Yet, let conservatives sometimes at odds with the NRSC do something very similar, and this idiot Dayspring thinks it a good angle of attack on Conservatives. Worse, he didn’t even have his facts correct. Consequently, Dayspring did little more than make a bunch of false charges. […]