Kirsten Powers on the Right and Wendy Davis

January 24, 2014

The unfortunate aspect of this piece is that the Right, or at least some elements of it, invited this nonsense. It’s especially stupid to go after a female politician like a bunch of frat boys. No one who considers themselves a good spokesperson for the cause should have to be told that. Unfortunately, some seem to have been given platforms for which they’ve never appeared to be fully qualified, nor adult enough to handle. The optics are wrong, in fact, everything about it is wrong.

The facts speak for themselves and, as Naomi Schaefer Riley points out, they basically win the argument for the Right, whether anyone likes it, or not. Piling on like a bunch of adolescents clamoring for attention is just stupid and there’s far too much of it going on on the Right these days.

Also, no matter how cynical it may be to say it, letting women wage this battle on the part of the Right is beyond smart on every front, political and otherwise. In some ways, Right media is becoming its own worst enemy. There’s far too much childish attention-seeking behavior going on. It may play well with the faithful and allow what I can only imagine are some relatively immature man-children to feel like a big deal, or good about themselves, somehow; however, all it does is give the Left and the media all they need to turn the tables. Turning an easy win into a potential losing issue just isn’t smart under any circumstances.

There’s also a tremendous hypocrisy underneath would-be social conservatives and self-professed moralists, engaging in tasteless, if not base, frat boy behavior. I’m not saying Powers is characterizing things correctly, or that the right should abandon the issue. We shouldn’t. It’s a winner. But there’s a way to fight the good fight and what I see here simply isn’t it.

It seems that Wendy Davis needs to learn her place.

Since news broke in the Dallas Morning News that the Texas gubernatorial candidate had support from her then-husband while she attended Harvard Law School, conservatives have been apoplectic.

The right has been heaping scorn upon Davis because she and her husband decided that their children should stay in Texas with him while she studied in Boston. Ben Shapiro of Brietbart tweeted, “The real question: if you wear pink shoes, how fast can you run away from your parental responsibilities?” RedState blogger Erick Erickson tweeted, ​”So Abortion Barbie had a Sugar Daddy Ken”​ and then, “Just think, if Wendy Davis gets elected, she could create “take your daughter to her dad” day.

Based on this item, Coulter was more prudent. That alone speaks volumes as regards the above.

Ann Coulter complained, “I’m … stuck on her leaving her kids behind while she headed off to a law school 1,500 miles away.”

More via The Right Subjects Wendy Davis to Litmus Tests No Male Would Ever Face – The Daily Beast.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Much as I like Ms. Powers, she’s just wrong.

    Plus, her writing here indicates she knows she’s wrong.

    And, Dan, maybe a little exposition of what the hell you mean by “frat boy” behavior would be useful to some of us who have no experience of “frats”.

  2. Ragspierre says:

    Here’s the thing: it is possible that a man might do what Wendy Davis did–marry a wealthy, successful and considerably older woman; get her to pay his way through college and law school; leave her and the children behind as soon as she finished paying his tuition; and then run for public office. A might might do this, but if he did, he would not make his “personal story” as a “single father” the centerpiece of his campaign. Not without getting laughed out of the race, anyway. Wendy Davis’s problem isn’t that she is a single mother, her problem is that she is a liar, a fact which no amount of media whitewashing will cover up.

    Which, of course, is THE issue here.

    Her entire political persona was “Wendy Davis…brave, successful single mom”.

    Which is a lie. Even the part about “coming up hard”. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with “misogyny” to call her on it.

    Quite the opposite, as with Baracula; if you hold her to a lower standard, YOU are the misogynist.

  3. Gunga says:

    I’m shocked – SHOCKED! – that a professional politician would lie about her past. OK, so I’m not. Take all of the liars off the ballot and you’ll have a nice clean piece of paper. Who would imagine that a woman who supports abortion for any reason at any time up to and including the time of birth would give away her own children? I’m guessing just about everyone. The facts do speak for themselves. Jokes about abandoned children are not told by mature humans. Whine about double-standards all you want to, but Wendy Davis is just one “Macaca” from becoming, “Governor Abortion Barbie”… a fact of which Ben Shapiro and Erick Erickson should be repeatedly reminded.