She Lies! Original Video Indicates Melissa Harris-Perry’s Tearful Apology Is Bogus

January 4, 2014

In today’s tearful apology MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry claims she “identified with” the Romney family picture that her show went on to mock. She also claims that she intended to say “positive and celebratory” things about it, not make it the butt of a joke.

That’s obviously false – in fact, as she admits, the very title of a segment she was basically setting up was “Look back in laughter.” That alone suggests she is simply spinning to get out of trouble, now. But it gets worse. See today’s apology here: via MSNBCs Melissa Harris-Perry Makes Tearful Televised Apology To The Romney Family.

Now look at the original segment and the snide manner in which Perry introduced the clip. While it will always be a matter of opinion, it seems rather clear to me Perry’s intention was to set the photo up as a joke given the presence of the adopted black child on Romney’s knee.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Of course she was teeing up the child and family for ridicule fodder!

    You don’t throw a photo like that in front of a bunch of Collectivist snark-meisters with any other intent but to slime.

    She may actually regret it now.

    She has a very serious mental problem/personality disorder.

  2. […] a series of Tweets presumeably directed at a less than genuine, however tearful apology offered by MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry today, Alec Bladwin seems to be taking some clear shots. […]

  3. Sam William John says:

    Melitha Harith-Perry ith a dethpicable perthon!!!!