Did Lindsey Graham and John McCain Tag Team Conservatives in BuzzFeed’s “racist” Smear?

January 31, 2014

A quick bit of research gives me good reason to believe Lindsey Graham and John McCain may have teamed up to smear conservatives as racists in a BuzzFeed article. Let’s face it, are the two ever really that far apart? They’re like Pete and repeat, including on immigration reform.

Below, NRO highlights a Buzzfeed item smearing conservatives as racist, thanks to a “Republican Congressman.” NRO also makes a solid case for why the House would be smart to leave this alone. My first thought went to Lindsey Graham, who is also a named source in the article. Splitting a comment – named versus not – can be a nice cover. But then, a bit of research left me to wonder if it wasn’t actually Graham and McCain working together. It isn’t like that never happens.

The past 24 hours give a taste of how sharp that in-fighting could be. A BuzzFeed story today quoted Republicans attacking fellow Republicans as racist. For example, an unnamed Southern Republican member of Congress implied that the racial anxiety of the conservative base was behind some of his or her colleagues’ opposition to the president’s immigration agenda: “Part of it, I think — and I hate to say this, because these are my people — but I hate to say it, but it’s racial.” Apparently, some Republicans are practicing in hopes of becoming MSNBC primetime hosts – more via National Review Online.

Well lookie here! Guess who has been avoiding town halls because of the immigration issue? In fact, there are multiple stories out there involving Graham and his dodging of town halls because of immigration reform.

Since all of this immigration reform talk started, Lindsey Graham has not held a town hall in South Carolina to get his constituents’ views on the issue. He has not done a survey through his Congressional website on immigration either.

m4EkckgRKSt0PGOEh_iRpWwAnd … he began doing that after a town hall on immigration he did do with his BFF John McCain in April 2013. Sorry, I’m not a big believer in coincidences, especially when it involves the Bobbsey twins of the Senate.

McCain, Graham talk immigration bill at town hall meeting

Three speaking points were on the agenda for a town hall meeting hosted by Senator John McCain, however, the topic of immigration dominated the hour.

Tempers flared and at times the discussion got heated. Other people stood and thanked McCain for his work on the bi-partisan immigration bill during the event held at Goodyear City Hall on Monday.

Dozens turned out for the event and some were pleasantly surprised to see Sen. Lindsey Graham. He was also on hand to answer a few questions on the controversial immigration bill.

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