Will there be a body count? Michelle/Oprah related Roadblocks cause Havoc in Hawaii

January 9, 2014

The big story at the top of Memeorandum right now involves a controversial New Jersey lane closing: EMS responses delayed by GWB lane closures in Fort Lee. Yes, forget Benghazi, someone on Chris Christie’s staff killed someone by purportedly closing down traffic in Fort Lee, North Jersey.lncl

Emergency responders were delayed in attending to four medical situations – including one in which a 91-year-old woman lay unconscious – due to traffic gridlock caused by unannounced closures of access lanes to the George Washington Bridge, according to the head of the borough’s EMS department.

The woman later died, borough records show.

This is not to excuse the behavior above. At the very least, anyone abusing government authority like that should be fired. I’d also anticipate a wrongful death suit, perhaps against the individual, as well as the deeper pocketed state of New Jersey.

However, also in the news today via Mail Online, it seems the First Lady and Oprah are having a similar effect on Hawaii just now in preparration for Michelle’s birthday. I wonder what industrious mainstream journalist  will be looking into any potential body count? Don’t hold your breath … especially if you’re waiting for an EMT in Hawaii.

Michelle Obama’s ensuing 50th birthday party has already wreaked havoc for Hawaiian locals as security checkpoints have created traffic around Oprah Winfrey’s home.

The Queen of Talk is hosting the seminal birthday celebration for the First Lady, who stayed on in the Maui after President Obama and the girls returned to Washington following their Christmas vacation.

More via Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party at Oprah’s Maui pad cause roadblocks.

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