Obama marriage on the rocks? Claims of ugly fights and a Presidential affair

January 18, 2014

FTR Mail Online is citing the National Enquirer. But, heck, it can’t be that much more unreliable than the mainstream media today, can it?

Indeed, if the U.S. tabloids are to be believed, the relationship of Washington’s golden couple is facing problems that go far beyond dirty looks.

Under the headline Obama Divorce Bombshell!, the National Enquirer claims their 21-year marriage has dissolved in a string of ugly fights that were prompted by the Mandela memorial incident and — far more outrageously — Mrs Obama’s discovery that Secret Service bodyguards had been covering up infidelity on her husband’s part.

It’s an allegation the White House has declined to comment on, though after Bill Clinton’s trouser-dropping scandals, Americans would be rather less sanguine about any extra-marital activity than the French appear to be over President Francois Hollande’s behaviour.

Mrs Obama, the Enquirer claims, intends to stand by her husband until his presidency is over, at which time he will move back to Hawaii, where he grew up, and she will stay in Washington with their children.

via Is Obama marriage on the rocks? Claims of ugly fights and even a Presidential affair | Mail Online.

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  1. Ragspierre says:


    These are not “marriages” in any sense that people normally use that term.

    Like Ol’ Walleyes and Ball-less Bill Clinton, these are “strategic alliances”.

    Mooooochelle is Baracula’s beard. She will stay being that, though they may…like the Clintons…live apart.

    • Bildo says:

      When Bill Clinton claimed Hillary had eaten even more female privates than he,I laughed and I laughed….

  2. Ragspierre says:


    Here’s another in the same mold.

    Unelected, unaccountable to the voters, but insisting on a “role” in her husband’s regime.

  3. Ragspierre says:


    I’ll ask again…

    Does ANYBODY believe this lying bastard any more?

    C’mon. Step right up, Collectivist tools…!!!

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  5. National Enquirer broke the John Edwards story when the candidate himself dismissed it as ‘made-up’ and most everybody else thought it too crazy to be true- I dunno how much worse their credibility is than the MSM, really.

    This rumor reported in the -ahem- Reaganite Republican on December 28th, and they’ve been ‘sleeping in seperate bedrooms’ ever since the Danish PM selfie. This was also reported in some Russian press, but they might just be drawing that from the Enquirer