So much fail! Phone thieves inadvertently ‘Dropbox’ porn and nude selfies???

January 16, 2014

Basically, what looks to have happened here is, the couple in the photos somehow got their, um, hands on a pick-pocketed cell phone set to auto send pics to Dropbox. So, when they started taking nude selfies – and perhaps some homemade porn – they went up on Dropbox. Then, the phone’s original and rightful owner was notified via social media. It remains unclear who the offending – and offensive – couple may be.

Too bad the images aren’t unclear! As to why this woman waited to report it is beyond me. That’s being British for you, I guess. heh More at link below.

nude photo

A married mother wants to teach a lesson to the couple who sent an explicit porn video and racy pictures to her using her own stolen phone.

Victoria Brodsky, 39, who works in social services, told MailOnline today that she initially felt sorry for the couple who appear to have unwittingly sent the steamy material via the phone to her file-saving service Dropbox – but now feels they need to learn that stealing has consequences.

Mrs Brodsky was at a street fair last August 25 with two friends when her Samsung Galaxy S3 was pick-pocketed in Brighton Beach, New York.

via Mother finds racy photos and porn video of strange couple after phone is pick-pocketed | Mail Online.

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