Politico Tries to Manipulate Hannity’s Comment on Savage

January 24, 2014

Hmm. You can read the whole thing at link below.

On Friday, Politico was set to release a puff piece on Michael Savage, the polarizing host tapped by Cumulus to replace iconic talker Sean Hannity on its affiliates. In the process of putting together that puff piece, Politico contacted Hannity for comment. After attempting to manipulate Hannity’s comments repeatedly, Hannity withdrew them. Now, they appear exclusively at Breitbart News.

Here are Hannity’s comments on Savage:

The poor guy is just an angry, depressed, and jealous human being who has been hanging around the backwaters of broadcasting for too many years.

More via EXCLUSIVE: Politico Tries to Manipulate Hannity Comment on Michael Savage.

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