Rocky Abalsamo spent 20 years sitting by wife’s grave every day dies aged 97

January 28, 2014


Rocky 'Roque' Abalsamo

Rain, hail or shine: Rocky ‘Roque’ Abalsamo has sat by the grave of his wife, Julita, at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Boston since she died in 1993. On January 22 he passed away.

When Rocky Abalsamo’s wife died in 1993, part of him died too.

Out of sadness and longing, he would hold vigil by her grave site at St. Joseph Cemetery in West Roxbury all day, every day, rarely eating or drinking and weathering all temperatures and conditions.

Now, over 20 years after his beautiful Julia ‘Julita’ passed away, Rocky ‘Roque’ continues to sit next to his beloved, after being buried in the plot next to her.

More via Rocky Abalsamo dies aged 97 | Mail Online.

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