Swearing Omaha toddler in thug video taken into protective custody, Police Union under fire

January 9, 2014

article-2535021-1A76A52200000578-535_306x423The video below is reprehensible and difficult to watch; however, what good does it do to pretend this kind of thing doesn’t exist? And broadly, at that, whether we like to admit it, or not.

Now, it appears the police union that posted it may be in more trouble than any adults involved in making it. Why am I not surprised?

A Nebraska toddler who repeated a slew of profanities in an online video has been taken into child protective custody, Omaha police said Wednesday.

While authorities found nothing criminal in the video, officials from the Omaha polices Child Victim Unit and the Nebraska Child Protective Services took the infant and three other children into custody on Wednesday, the police department said on its Facebook page.

Another report via Swearing toddler in thug video taken into protective custody – CNN.com.

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