Transgender babysitter Kryzie King aka Janaie Jones beat, burned Myles Dobson, 4, for weeks before his death

January 10, 2014

Just so tragic….

A four-year-old boy found dead in a Manhattan bathtub on Wednesday suffered excruciating torture at the hands of his babysitter for weeks after his dad left, she allegedly told police.

Myles Dobson was covered with bruises and burns over his arms, legs and genitals when he was found unconscious in Janaie Jones’ apartment at the The Ritz Plaza in Midtown.

via Myles Dobson, 4, found dead in bathtub ‘was burned and beaten by babysitter for weeks | Mail Online.

More here:┬áKryzie King, real name Janaie Jones, is removed from the Midtown North Precinct by NYPD detectives. She’s accused in the death of 4-year-old Myles Dobson.

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    • Tim Orchard says:

      Why the emphasis on transgender? A few quick google searches will show you how many men born with penises and women born with vaginas have abused children. If your real agenda is the protection of children, then stick to that. Would you honestly have started this article with “Male babysitter” or “Female babysitter”?. Somehow, I think not.

      • listingstarboard says:

        Identifying the monster as transgender was pertinent in explaining the use of another name. Tim Orchard how do you feel about the use of “teabagger” and “homophobic” to describe Christian conservatives? bet that doesn’t bother you at all. Personally I am sick of LGBT bullies screaming at anyone who doesn’t agree with them, they are so ridiculously “proud” of their alternative lifestyles so how could they be offended at being identified as such? We are fighting back, Tim Orchard. We will stand up to you and your progressive bullies wherever and whenever.

      • Tommy Burton says:

        The father is partially to blame for this by letting a “transgendered” freak babysit his child although being in Manhattan,the father might have been a perv too. The babysitter may have been the father’s lover. Why would a real man let a critter like that be alone with his child if there wasn’t some kind of connection between the two of them?

  2. Moose says:

    Just want you to know that many gay people like myself feel no connection to ‘trans’ people and find their theories of gender absurd.

  3. hammond985 says:

    Why are the gay population trying to compare their movement to the civil rights movement of the 60’s people should not have to agree with their sexual preference everything that is wrong is right an everything that is right is wrong gay population will not take my freedom to disagree with a sexually preference it not gay bashing don’t force your beliefs on us raise in the Christian way of thinking

  4. MT says:

    This is just an awful story how ppl leave their children In the hands of another to care after. This shouldn’t go unnoticed and could have been prevented if protective means were enforced after understanding the parents criminal background. Since the father was given custody of the child I don’t think he should have been given rights to leave his child In the hands of another due to his background. Laws should be enforced by endangering your child in the hands of another in my opinion.

  5. Comrade J says:


    “Two Alabama men have been charged with imprisoning and filming their sexual abuse of a [8yo] minor for use in child pornography made with the son of one of the accused.”

    “An American pedophile has been convicted to 40 years in prison for years of sexual abuse of [an] adopted Russian boy. His boyfriend from New Zealand who allegedly assisted in meticulously recording acts of sexual offence is going on trial at home.”

    “A prominent local activist for LGBT and anti-bullying causes has been indicted on more than a dozen charges of sexual conduct with a minor.”

    “The case of a same-sex Connecticut couple accused of repeatedly raping and abusing two of their nine adopted boys is headed for trial.”

    According to a Illinois foster care study 32% of all child abuses committed were homosexual.

    Over 80% of Catholic priests abuses of children were homosexual. (per John Jay study)

    Facts speak for themselves…

  6. Jill says:

    Sir, Janaie Jones is a MAN and male pronouns should be used.

    • Tommy Burton says:

      In Manhattan, you can’t be sure about what sex the freaks are. “It” may have flipped
      more than once.

  7. angrywhiterose says:

    Um, Tim, all information is pertinent! Jack ass. I want other and all details and descriptions in tbe story too, e.g. Unemployed, disgruntled, etc. What’s the point of news stories without details? Any hoo, I could tell that was no woman. I may have missed it, but was the poor child’s father aware he was dating a man?
    Good points CoMRADE J and LISTINGSTARBOARD…good post !!! Amen…
    Let’s focus on the atrocious life this child had at the hands of this demon. RIP little guy.

  8. concerned says:

    Didnt they say the babysitter had a rape case as a teenager but it was sealed.just daying.

  9. hmm says:

    Quick question. On ashlee dobson facebook it says that she gave birth to a daughter in feb last year. Where is the girl and why isn’t she mentioned?

  10. mary e johnson says:

    What a tragedy this is! I was thinking that little Myles more than likely got no presents for Christmas, not from his parents and certainly not from Kryzie(aka Janae). All he got for Christmas is his life taken away from him!

  11. Lisa Turner says:

    The news is calling “it” a transgender because that’s what “it” is. Instead of a women beating this poor innocent child to death,it makes it that more horrific to think that this big enormous thing, is actually a man, and I don’t know who could not see that.. According to the news his fathers only concern was that he did not know that this big oak (freak of nature) was a women, and who do you think is going to believe that. you lived with this beast, you knew, your secret is out! how dare he, allow anyone to care for his child, after knowing them for only 2-3 months, man or women..

    • Jackie Brown says:

      I feel the same way. He was negligent in letting his child stay with someone he just met. He could have called a family member on either side to care for Myles while he was in prison, but think he wanted to his is. He would have lost custody of Myles had it been known that he was incarcerated. He tried to keep it a secret and see where that got him. Myles was doomed from the beginning. Mom is mentally unstable, dad a crook. Said he was a loving father. Not loving enough to give up life of crime for his son.

  12. Jackie Brown says:

    They both need to be ashamed of themselves. They don’t deserve to be parents and he needs to put in jail longer for negligence. He played a major part in his son’s death.