And The Winner of Best Family Super Bowl Party is …

February 4, 2014

fallonnebbiamugBecause nothing says family party like two drunk-ass brothers puking “all over each other’s faces” until one bites the ear off the other.

But we are told, “They really just love each other.” hahaha….

A witness told cops that the brothers shared more than a bottle of whiskey during the Super Bowl party.

In a police statement, Sean Fallon-Nebbia’s girlfriend said that the brothers “drank a bottle and a half of Southern Comfort and also Jack Daniels” during the party. The siblings were initially “hugging and wrestling” and saying “I love you, brother,” recalled Audra Babcock, who added that the men later turned “violent and aggressive.”

Babcock, who said that the brothers “puked all over each other’s faces” during the confrontation, recalled that when she saw “Sean bitting,” she said, “Oh my God Sean, you just bit Frank’s ear.”

Concluding her statement, Babcock wrote, “They were drinking. They really just love each other.” (2 pages)

More via Man’s Ear Bitten Off During Super Bowl Party.

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