California Court Strikes Down Excessive Concealed Carry Requirement

February 14, 2014

More via the Guardian:

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court in California ruled Thursday that a rigorous “good cause” requirement when applying for a concealed carry permit was too strict and violated Second Amendment rights. The power to issue concealed carry permits to gun owners falls to each individual county in California and these counties have the authority to set the procedures under which a permit may be obtained.

via California Court Strikes Down Excessive Concealed Carry Requirement.

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  2. Ragspierre says:

    The Collective’s drive to take guns from people is pretty much a dead letter.

    People like not being powerless, and Americans HATE being lied to.

    • Trudy says:

      Do you really need to carry a gun? I can’t imagine someone who plays on the internet all day has much worth stealing.

  3. Anna90 says:

    People! Stay Active! WE really need you HELP! We are Ukrainian People who struggle for freedom and liberty about 3 months!

    Against SELFISH AND Greedy Dictate GOVERMENT!

    We need Food and Warm Clothes!

    Help us! Our power going low!

    1 donate is more important then 1000 words, blogs or topics. JUST DO IT!

  4. Xiaoding says:

    The headline is wrong, it should say FEDERAL, not California.

    In addition, the ruling is clearly unconstitutional. A Federal court has no business ruling on a state issue. California should tell the federales to go fish.

    It’s sad, to see, those who purport to love the constitution, trample that very same constitution, in order to “secure” their rights. The NRA and the gun lobby are destroying the constitution.