Michigan Mom Donna Scrivo dismembered son, Ramsay Scrivo, 32, dropped body parts along highway

February 4, 2014

They hadn’t released the names at first. This is one for the books of the criminally insane. He’s identified as mentally ill. What does that make her?


Donna Scrivo and Ramsay Scrivo

Authorities believe a Michigan mother murdered her mentally ill son and dismembered his body, dumping his remains in black plastic bags along local roads.

Registered nurse Donna Scrivo, 60, was arraigned Monday in Macomb County court and charged with mutilating and illegally removing her 32-year-old son Ramsay’s corpse. The first charge is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison, while the second charge is a misdemeanor with a one-year sentence.

Charges for murder have not yet been filed, but police are still actively investigating Ramsay’s death.

More via Mail Online.


Since May, Donna Scrivo had been her son’s guardian when he became despondent following his father Daniel’s terminal illness. On May 16, the day after his father died, Donna petitioned the court to hospitalize her son, and Ramsay consented.

Court documents obtained by the Detroit Free Press reveal that Ramsay’s anger ‘had escalated to unsafe levels’ and that he ‘threatened to commit suicide’.

He was also on probation for assault and his mother said he had been getting into a lot of fights lately because of ‘poor judgement’. She said he suffered from paranoia and depression and had been refusing to take his medications because he felt he didn’t need it.

Ramsay had even threatened a family friend he believed poisoned him.

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  2. garrett says:

    Personally, from the pictures, I would not have guessed who was mentally ill.