Is Erick Erickson A Fool, or Brain Damaged?

February 12, 2014


Via the Daily Caller: via ‘Shameless whores’: Erick Erickson explodes over media’s indifference to Obama’s overreach | The Daily Caller.

One week Erick Erickson is a self-professed, high-minded moralist attempting to lecture women on abortion law; the next he’s trolling the gutter with references to whores, erections and making “cocktail” puns. And the worst part is, he isn’t especially sharp, or funny in either role.

Someone who owns that idiotic site today needs to tell him he can’t do both. If he wants to be a clown in hopes of bolstering his version of a radio career, fine. If he wants to be taken seriously – well, that’s a stretch – but he has the right to try. What the Right should not tolerate – and I stopped tolerating it a while ago – is letting this idiot make us all look bad by trying to do both. He is single-handedly making the conservative movement look stupid and it’s far from the first time.

For heaven’s sake, everyone you talk to in the movement knows he’s dumb. Someone who pays him should at least tell him to shape up. He has no judgment at all

But now, you’d rather have cocktails (pun absolutely intended for a good portion of you “journalists”) with the President, jealously size up the competition in the First Lady, and wish you too could be a mistress when you see France’s President and whoever the gal of the week is for him.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    You racist, Islamophobic hater. Keith Ellison is as normal as you are.

    Or were you referring to Al Franken…??? ‘Cause I could go along with that.