Philip Seymour Hoffman at AA meeting shortly before his death

February 5, 2014

In fact, an AA member told FOX411 he spotted Hoffman at a meeting just about a week before the actor died. The source told us the actor came to an 8:30 p.m. meeting and didn’t appear to be drunk or high.

“[Hoffman told the group] ‘I’m doing OK. Little situation in life. Life still shows up,” the source recalled.

Eddie Donohoe, 58, said he used to see the star at meetings as well.

“He used to come to meetings, I guess he was trying,” Donohoe said. “Usually people don’t come to meetings if they pick up, because people will know if they’re high.”

Donohoe, who said he was in meetings with Hoffman at least a dozen times, said the actor seemed like a nice guy when he came to the center.

“He was regular guy, he was polite and well dressed, very sociable with people,” he said. “He would come in daytime or evening. Last time I saw couple months ago. People surrounded him. He had his own clique.”

via Philip Seymour Hoffman spotted at AA meeting shortly before his death | Fox News.

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  1. Tim says:


    Man, it’s disappointing that somebody in AA would speak to the media about a member. It’s Alcoholics *ANONYMOUS*.