Scam: Don’t return calls from these area codes

February 3, 2014

A scam that repeats itself in modified forms every few years is once again spreading throughout the United Sates. Don’t be a victim!

Criminals target people simply by calling them. Intended victims receive a call on their phones from area code 473 which rings once and then disconnects, thereby arousing the call-recipient’s natural curiosity – “who just called me and from where?”  Sometimes the caller actually allows the phone to ring long enough for the victim to answer — after which the caller (or the caller’s robocaller system) makes groaning sounds or otherwise indicates that he or she is in distress and then hangs up, enticing the victim to wonder what is going on and call back.

473 is not the only area code from which this scam has been perpetrated. More via Don’t return calls from these area codes — it’s a scam! – Yahoo Finance.

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