Will Demographics Really Destroy GOP? Nah!

February 11, 2014

Sean Trende at RCP may even agree with some of the hawkish closeted progressives – I mean, GOP reformers but he handily takes apart the arguments of people like Peter Wehner. The rest at link below.

I think the sorts of programs that reformers within the party advocate might be good ends in themselves.  I just think the case is sorely lacking that they are necessary means for achieving the broader end of winning elections.

With that background, here are the datapoints that Peter Wehner sets forth.  After each one, I’ve put forth competing data that could support a different conclusion. Again, I don’t intend this as a fisking or an attack on Wehner, who is one of the most thoughtful analysts out there. But he presents a pretty good summary of the arguments for change, which presents a unique opportunity for a summary of the responses to those arguments.

More via Will Demographics Really Destroy GOP? | RealClearPolitics.

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