David Jolly Won Despite DC GOP Betrayal

March 13, 2014

Mitch McConnell, the NRSC and below the NRCC would like you to believe it’s those “wacko” conservatives that are bad for the party and divide it. As this Politico item points out, just the opposite is often the case.

Furthermore, the people in the states … you know, where the elections are actually held, don’t think any more of the DC conventional wisdom, than do many conservatives. Remember this item the next time you here calls for party unity. The DC GOP in the form of the NRCC did everything it could to stab David Jolly in the back just before the election … and he won anyway. That raises the question, how many other more conservative candidates the DC establishment deems unsuitable, then undermines, could win if they didn’t betray them so routinely?

So much for party unity from the current GOP establishment. Crush this, Mitch!!

First it happened to Mark Sanford.Running in a high-profile special congressional election, the former South Carolina governor was blindsided by news that the National Republican Congressional Committee had decided to abandon his candidacy just days before voters cast their ballots.

Last week, it was Florida GOP candidate David Jolly’s turn. National GOP operatives provided to POLITICO a detailed account of how the former lobbyist was waging a chaotic, chronically undisciplined campaign for a St. Petersburg-area congressional seat.

Some of Sanford’s friends believe the NRCC’s decision to stop spending money in the race actually helped him win. Distance from the Washington establishment is more of a help than a hindrance with many GOP voters, they reason.

“It really energized Republicans in South Carolina,” English said. “From my perspective, when the national party got out, it created a dynamic where GOP activists from around the state converged on the 1st District to campaign for Sanford.”

This is not how a party of the people acts. These are the actions of a DC-based party that’s out of touch with the very people it would presume to want to represent.

The clashes are striking because national Republicans rarely openly criticize their own candidates, especially so soon before consequential elections. But national Republicans increasingly feel the need to adopt a get-tough approach. Nearly six years removed from the presidency and often under assault from outside-the-Beltway conservatives, establishment GOP figures are searching out new ways to exert influence over unruly candidates. Cross them, and there’s a good chance the candidate won’t like what results.

More via Why Republicans turn on their own – Alex Isenstadt at POLITICO.com.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Jolly was unabashedly ANTI-ObamaDoggle and ANTI-amnesty.


  2. Jim says:

    I just wanted to drop you a quick line and thank you for all you are doing to try and turn this country back around.

    What are your thoughts on term-limits as an additional way to bust up the “circle the wagons” mentality of both parties?

  3. […] David Jolly Won Despite DC GOP Betrayal Go to this article […]

  4. jeannebodine says:

    Tried to make a small donation by using the Paypal link but it isn’t working. Not the first time it’s happened – just thought you’d want to know.

  5. Steve says:

    Video: Cop Stops 70 Year Old Man For Expired Tags, Then Shoots Him For Pulling Out His Cane!


  6. Ragspierre says:



    Seems people really hate the Collectivist pukes who think they rule us.

  7. Ragspierre says:

    Sir Thomas More (Man For All Seasons version, anyhow), and a lot of great thinkers afterwards, had a vision of the law as being a known, and knowable to most people, bulwark against the caprice and tyranny of the powerful.

    We are justified in asking if we have anything like a “law” in that context today, and especially as pertains to what I call ObamaDoggle.

    IS there a ACA any longer?