BREAKING EXCLUSIVE – LMAO – Chucky C. Johnson Pwned Again

December 20, 2014

Okay, I hate the forever “breaking exclusive” nonsense, too but … well, how can I not copy an esteemed jerk-off-a-list like Chucky C. my Johnson at Got News. Speaking of which, here is what he’s feeding those that feed at the bottom of the information food chain today. Charles has been spanking the “It’s not North Korea” monkey all week.

If you don’t understand what Johnson often does – he stakes out a contrarian position on a major story and dabbles around the edges while legitimate news organizations pursue it to whatever its natural conclusion. I’m not saying it’s impossible that someone other  than North Korea was behind the hack – anything is possible in spook land – what I’m saying is, if it is someone else, real journalists will discover and report it – Chucky just wants to be in position to claim he did.

He did nothing but doxx a young presumably troubled girl on the UVA rape story as a means of trying to do the same thing, co-opt it as his story, while the Washington Post and others actually did all the heavy lifting on that story from start to … well, it isn’t yet finished, to be precise.

In any event take a look at this latest gem from Chucky.


Now, let’s hop on over to his source’s Twitter feed: 

Curses, foiled again. Now, about that Politico lawsuit that didn’t happen?? LMAO The only thing needed to keep the Internet free of Chucky threatening to sue someone is not writing about him. But this one above was just too Chucky C. My Johnson good to let it go. Sorry!!

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