Charles C. Johnson Asks For Forgiveness He Doesn’t Deserve

December 24, 2014

Yes, the degenerate, and continuing to degenerate, Chucky C. my Johnson is being tongue  in cheek here; however, true to his pathological form, Johnson always reveals more of his own internal void, than he does anything else, when he thinks he’s being funny, or smart.

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I don’t care what your politics are, or your race, life history or predicament. In the news story Johnson is “gleeful” over, a young man of 18 is dead, his mother lost her child a day, or two before Christmas and a police officer will have to deal with the trauma of having taken a life. Will the cop, however right in his actions he may have been, have a Merry Christmas? Oh, I doubt it very much.


And lest you seek to give Johnson a pass because, well, it’s only a “thug’s” death he’s celebrating, to use his increasingly and obviously racist vernacular, Johnson was just as gleeful when two cops lie dead in the streets of New York … because he could manufacture site hits off of it.

I’m not going to bother searching for the Tweet I know I saw then but it was something  like “I love crushing bad guys in the morning. I’m wearing my slippers.” Yes, Johnson was home safe and snug in his slippers, absolutely and obviously gleeful then, too, … as two good family men lie dead in the street. Wow! What a blog bonanza. If that doesn’t make you sick, you might want to ask yourself  what the hell is wrong with you? Are you as lost in all this as Johnson is?

The “bad guy” Johnson was going to “crush” in the NYPD story that day already blew his brains out, so who, or what is it Johnson was going to crush from the safety of his fat-ass sunken couch, exactly? No one and nothing but blog traffic and presumably some coin from his incessant begging, that’s what.

And as for Chucky actually crushing anybody, in fact, this morning we learn what a punk he actually is. The would be bad guy crusher backed down from some skinny kid at HuffPo. LOL Wow, Chucky, what a tough guy you are. Too much bad guy to crush there for you, I guess??

FILE: Elton John To Marry Partner David Furnish This Weekend

Sorry, chuckles, the operative word for you is wuss, but you know that. Oh, unless it comes to threatening and then exposing and doxxing a troubled 20-something year-old girl. Then you’re a real tough guy, aren’t you? And calling out her veteran father??? Wow, we’re all so scared of you.



I don’t care who you are – what your politics are or what you claim to be fighting for – if you aren’t doing so while being informed by a fundamental basic humanity, you are ultimately the enemy of everyone. And a lack of fundamental humanity defines Chucky C. my Johnson and what he’s become to a T.

Furthermore, I don’t care if he, or his pathetic and destructive garbage suits your agenda – you simply cannot profess to stand for decency, honesty, truth, or anything akin to values, while willingly embracing such a disingenuous scam being perpetrated under your nose within, or more accurately, in the underbelly of an ideological movement you claim to care about. Sure, one can hold their nose and say, well, it’s only one guy, or this, or that fringe, or unhinged bunch. But while you’re holding your nose the rest of the world, Left, Right and a center we should be trying to win over can’t help but look at you as reeking from the same fetid stench.

Your embracing of him and what he’s doing makes you as bad an actor as he is. The final irony is that Johnson’s typical excuse – and he has a couple he likes, along with it was someone else’s fault – but his standby catch all is Oh, I’m Neuroatypical – which in Johnson’s case says nothing at all. It’s merely an excuse for his pathological behavior.

When a person is not neurotypical (a term coined by the Autistic community, used to describe someone with a ‘normal’ brain). Neuroatypical is used to describe people who have bipolar disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia, circadian rhythm disorders, developmental speech disorders, Parkinson’s disease, dyslexia, and dyspraxia.

In essence – and it comes as no surprise with someone like Johnson – in the end the tough guy has nothing left to hide behind but some trumped up victim card. What Johnson most represents is not the vitality of any movement; he represents the rotting of one from the inside as frustration boils over into recklessness, desperation,  irresponsibility, a pathetic sense of a need for revenge and even, in his case, hate.

Finally if that’s what you think your so called movement needs to fight and win in any measure, then stick a fork in it, folks – it’s already dead.

Frankly, the people pushing his ugliness – and some of them were, or are friends – make me sick. You, unfortunately, somehow seem to have gotten as lost as he is. Good luck winning anything with that mentality.

Frankly, you don’t deserve to – no more than Johnson deserves forgiveness for the bottom feeding trash dressed up as news he’s putting out in the name of a political movement that, unfortunately, in too large a part for my comfort now looks to deserve him. Certainly, to the extent some faction of it is willing to embrace him, said faction has most assuredly lost its way just as sadly and clearly as he has.

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