Charles C. Johnson’s Dumb, Despicable New Low In Attacking Jackie

December 10, 2014

Intent on continuing his despicable stalking of a 20 year-old girl named Jackie, the central figure in a now infamous Rolling Stone story, seemingly deranged mud-slinger Charles C. Johnson put up a post that claims to reveal how Jackie’s “activism” goes all the way back to high school.

What it does is give the despicable little man-child yet one more opportunity to publish the full name of an alleged rape victim. I won’t link his fetid site and have redacted her last name.


Oh my gosh!!! This devious little girl sounds like the second coming of Lena Dunham, Sandra Fluke and Amanda Marcotte, along with who knows how many other dangerous radical feminist activists all rolled into one! Burn her, I say!

Yes, let’s gather round as hapless blogger in a bad suit in need of a penile implant Charles C. Johnson reveals this scoundrel Jackie for the unsettling and no doubt notoriously dangerous “high school activist” she was. Certainly, she’s a previously unknown, yet incredibly dangerous threat to the American fabric now writ large, thanks solely to¬†America’s savior Chuckles C. Johnson the all wise and wunnerful blogging oddball du jour.

God help us if this assclown Johnson ever snags a job with the Postal Service.

In any event, behold Jackie’s nefarious record of “high school activism” revealed by crustacean, sorry – I mean, crusading jerkalist Charles C. Johnson. Jackie it seems helped organize a Students Against Drunk Driving event a couple of days before her prom. How UVA ever let such a dangerous figure into their institution in the first place is beyond me. What is it this world is coming to when kids who don’t want other kids to drive drunk are allowed into our institutions of higher learning. Thank God we have Charles C. Johnson to expose them before it’s too late. Click to enlarge.



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  1. Lucas says:

    The guy shits in hallways. That’s all you need to know about Charles!