Should Mark Levin, or Peter Wehner Leave The GOP

December 19, 2014

Writing at Commentary, Peter Wehner suggests radio host Mark Levin should leave the GOP.

Mark Levin would be better … if he were free of the GOP. And a few people might argue that the GOP would be better if it were free of him.

I’ll forgive you if you don’t know who Peter Wehner is, few do beyond the Beltway. In political terms, as unfortunate as it may be to say, he’s a parasite. If you don’t believe me, simply read his professional bio at Politico. Just as you’ll find him here quite literally begging for money at Commentary, Wehner is one of an unfortunately growing number of lumps attached to politics in America that always find a way to sustain themselves either through taxpayer dollars by being employed by, or doing consulting for government. Or, when not doing that, they’re left to flat-out ask for money as Wehner does here.


In short, Peter Wehner is a uniquely unaccomplished man beyond his ability to live off of taxpayers dollars. His type relies on cronyism to thrive, not capitalism.

But putting that aside, let’s look at a reality Wehner seems protected from appreciating given his Beltway perch. In his defense, perhaps it’s now just too modest, or low a perch for him to see very far.

From spending a fair amount of time on Twitter reading the comings and goings re Right side politics, I know that if one searches Twitter for the phrase “leave the GOP,” you’ll find Tweet after Tweet from individuals who either already have, or are ready to over a host of issues most often aligned with the Conservative brand of politics Mark Levin represents. While some of that sentiment may be linked to Levin, that’s far from always true. Point being, there are a great many disaffected Republicans who have been supportive of the party for years ready to bolt, if they haven’t already. Some current mostly superficial spike in the GOP’s party vs party popularity Wehner’s been cheerleading will never replace that type of support.

Yet, given Wehner’s attitude, it seems safe to say, the parasite wants to see them leave, too. And lest one think I’m being too harsh on Wehner it is precisely because he’s lived inside the Beltway as a parasite most, if not all his working his life, that his thinking is so off. Anyone who has had to live and make it in the real world – in business, let’s say – knows that while attempting to grow a company, or market, the last thing you want to do is lose what you already have, unless said change will immediately replace that and more.

For the Calculus behind Wehner’s short-sighted thinking to work, one would have to assume that the GOP can simply jettison most, if not all conservative support and immediately replace same by pulling that and more from the Democrats. And that includes among women, Hispanics, blacks, etc…. Now, does anyone really think that’s realistic? I very much doubt it.

Put another way – depending on where one looks, and this isn’t official – Levin is rated the number 3 or 4 top talk radio show in the nation with approximately 6 million listeners. In 2013, even the left-leaning Daily Beast was forced to concede he may be “the most powerful conservative” and “most politically influential person” their liberal readers may not be aware of. And Wehner’s thinking is, so what? Who needs him – and his millions of fans? It’s amazing what passes for wisdom inside the Beltway these days. The problem is, it isn’t wisdom, so much as it is self-serving analysis couched as insight.

This is why a parasite like Wehner actually wants Levin to go away: ““Unlike the other talkers, (Levin) had an actual Washington career,” said one top Republican operative. “The others, they don’t have the faintest idea how things get done in Washington.”

But if you want to know about what is happening in Washington, … then pay attention to the 56-year-old Mark Levin. His 2009 book Liberty and Tyranny spent 12 weeks as a New York Times best seller. His latest, The Liberty Amendments, debuted at number one. YouTube is full of videos of the lines outside his book signings; they seem to wrap around the entire suburban Long Island town where they are held.

“He is very influential with members of Congress,” said Rep. Michelle Bachmann. “He helps us understand the issues from a different perspective.”

What Levin represents most to the likes of Wehner and company is not a threat to some amorphous policy agenda they purport to believe in. What Levin and the broadly supported thinking he represents is is a threat to Wehner’s livelihood because suckling at the teat of big government is all a fellow like Wehner knows. So, I have a better idea. Perhaps it’s Wehner who should simply go away for, as Hillary Clinton might say, “What difference does it make?”

It isn’t like anyone would notice, or actually miss Wehner, after all.

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