Why Pete Wehner Has Zero Credibility Evaluating Potential GOP Nominees

December 22, 2014

On his Facebook page, in linking to a February 2008 Washington Post item, Mark Levin asks, Should Bush/Rove operative Pete Wehner join the Democrat Party?

Whether Wehner leaves the GOP, or not, is up to him. But how much weight we give his opinions in evaluating any potential 2016 nominee is up to us. One may want to keep that in mind as Wehner begins to sing the praises of Jeb Bush, or perhaps some other establishment Republican as we move toward 2016. After all, if this was what Wehner thought of Barack Obama back when he was fighting Hillary for the Democrat nomination, just how reliable can his judgment be?

Not very, it seems to me. But this does help me understand why he’d like a Jeb Bush so much. Heck, after reading this, I’m not even certain Wehner voted for McCain/Palin in November of 2008. Behold Wehner’s great and not-so-wise praise for Barack Obama … Mr. Unity!!

Why Republicans Like Obama

By Peter Wehner
Sunday, February 3, 2008

Barack Obama is not only popular among Democrats, he’s also an appealing figure to many Republicans.

A number of prominent Republicans I know, who would wage a pitched battle against Hillary Clinton, like Obama and would find it hard to generate much enthusiasm in opposing him.

A third reason for Obama’s GOP appeal is that unlike Clinton and especially John Edwards, Obama has a message that, at its core, is about unity and hope rather than division and resentment. 

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  1. Art Deco says:

    Just to point out exit polling: Obama received no higher share of the votes of self-identified Republicans than would be normal, and, if anything, slightly less. The Obamacon phenomenon was, if not entirely attributable to the media megaphone, one among a demographically tiny sliver of articulate people: lapsed government officials, academics, and opinion-mongers. A number of them offered accounts of themselves sufficiently incoherent that the most plausible explanation was that they had a liberal wife or girlfriend (yes, Douglas Kmiec, I’m looking at you) or suffering from senile dementia (yes, Jeffrey Hart, your descent into conspirazoid thinking has damaged your standing), or have clients and want access (yes, Ken Adelman of Adelman Public Relations and Kenneth Duberstein of umpteen corporate boards, I’m looking at you). Then there was plain, malodorous snobbery manifest in the idea that an Ivy League degree trumps experience in public administration (yes, Prof. Charles Fried, that’s you).

    The Democratic Party is welcome to them.