Someone Needs To Buy Peter Wehner A Skirt

December 18, 2014

If ever I begin to wonder why I usually don’t waste my time reading the superficial blather of Peter Wehner, all I need do is look in on his latest over at Commentary. Talk about there being no there there....

There is absolutely nothing of any genuine substance in his latest wad of drivel. It’s not representative of any serious thought. High school girls – and boys for that matter – put in more effort trying out for their school’s cheerleading squad and that’s mostly what Wehner is rather lamely attempting to do. It’s simply Wehner doing what he always does, imploring the GOP to lie down and be steamrolled by Obama and the Democrats.

Forget that the Republican Party’s recent rise in popularity came on the heels of last year’s government shut down … because at least some in that increasingly irrelevant party had the courage to stand up to Barack Obama.

Forget that on the heels of that, it’s been Obama’s popularity that’s been tanking, not the GOP’s. And, for Heaven’s sake – in Wehner’s world – forget that the very reason the GOP won big in 2014 and is now enjoying an increase in its popularity is because election dynamics forced it to take a strong stance against this over-reaching president.

And guess what? It paid off. Thanks to that, the GOP is now positioned better than it has been in years, which is about the only thing Wehner has right. So, what next? Well, if you’re Peter Wehner and the GOP he represents, you don’t lie down and die, exactly – no, it’s more of a “hands up, don’t shoot” mentality that Wehner and aligned thinkers want to see the GOP adopt. It’s also known as surrendering.

Though, I must say, the thought of Wehner assuming said position in the silly cheerleading outfit he no doubt had on when writing this nonsense might just make it worthwhile watching.

At the same time, this boost in the GOP’s image is at least in part a temporary development, one you’d expect in the wake of a very successful midterm election. To their credit, the congressional leadership of the Republican Party has been smart enough to avoid taking steps that might have led to a government shutdown, which would have more than washed away the progress the party has made without achieving anything useful.

via The GOP’s Resurging Public Image « Commentary Magazine.

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