Cuomo to Create $15 Minimum Wage for NY State Workers

November 10, 2015

Why not? It’s not his money!

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo plans to unilaterally create a $15 minimum wage for all state workers, making New York the first state to set such a high wage for a large group of public employees.

Source: Cuomo to Create $15 Minimum Wage for New York State Workers – The New York Times

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  1. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    From the linked article: “Using executive authority, Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, would gradually increase the hourly rate … ”
    Wait-Just-A-Minute-Buster … Doesn’t the State of New York have a budget, and a process to collect (tax) revenues and another process to determine how to disburse State funds?

    If Petty-Tyrant Cuomo is bypassing the official processes of the NY State Legislature, he should be required to use his OWN DAMN MONEY to fund these additional costs that he, himself, alone, with absolutely no authorization from anybody, is declaring that he’s going to pay out to workers. [Really: HOW can he play Robbin’ Hood with State money???]


    And completely off-topic:
    Dan, it’s good to see you back-in-the-saddle. I’ve been checking back every few weeks since your “upcoming surgery” announcement, and was quite concerned. Glad to see you’re still fighting the good fight.

  2. Dan Riehl says: