Shock video: Florida teacher caught in student beat down, no one helps

January 30, 2014

Video below via Tampa Bay Times:

ST. PETERSBURG — Teachers explain math and science and mentor students, but on Tuesday at Gibbs High School, the best use of one teacher’s time was as a human barricade. She stood between two female students until several minutes of screaming and circling turned physical, the...

HS softball coach Eric Romig who assaulted student resigned previous job over similar accusations

January 28, 2014

It’s becoming all too common for fellow teachers and school staff to support colleagues like Eric Romig over this sort of behavior. Also, institutions too often sweep it under the rug – as is the case here. Had Eric Romig’s past been acknowledged and dealt with appropriately, he shouldn’t have been anywhere near high...

Public school students’ lawsuit challenges tenure, seeks to ban bad educators

January 26, 2014

Amidst ongoing national debate, nine public school students in California are suing the state over its laws governing teacher tenure, seniority and other protections they say keep bad educators in the classroom.

The Los Angeles Times reports the lawsuit – filed on behalf of the students and their families by a group...

Teacher, married mom of 3 Erica Ann Ginnetti ‘had sex with student, sent racy text messages, X-rated videos’

January 24, 2014

I don’t know whether this stuff is on the rise, or it was just never reported. 

  • Erica Ann Ginnetti, 33, charged with 13 counts of institutional sex assault, corruption of minor and disseminating obscene materials to a minor
  • Criminal complaint says Ginnetti sent the 17-year-old photos of her wearing a bikini and videos...

Nanny state: Christie backs after-school dinner program in Camden schools

January 24, 2014

Giving up on a child’s need for a family and home life in hopes that the state can somehow replace same is a losing proposition.

One of the big education announcements that he made in Camden is plans for an after-school dinner program for kids in six of the city’s schools....

Smoking, drinking or doing drugs during pregnancy makes for a “Gay” baby?

January 19, 2014

A controversial new study claims that decisions made by women when they are pregnant can affect their babies brains including determining their sexuality, intelligence and chances of developing autism.

The suggestion that the lifestyle of an expectant mother can affect their offspring’s development has  been put forward in Professor Dick Swaab’s new...

Married PA teacher Lauren Harrington-Cooper, 31 arrested for sex with 2nd teen student

January 10, 2014

I was always glad I missed the Flu epidemic, not so sure about this one. I had this fourth grade teacher, she was … oh, never mind.

A married Pennsylvania high school teacher was arrested again on Thursday, accused of having sex with a second teenage student.

Lauren Harrington-Cooper, 31, of Wyoming Valley...

Mass. School lunch lady and mother of 4, Janelle Foley, 32, busted for statutory rape of 15 year-old boy, perhaps others

January 10, 2014

She looks out of it in court. Her family was with her and her lawyer claims she has substance abuse and depression issues. However, authorities also seem to be concerned she may have been involved with a minor in her own household. Whatever the case, it’s yet another in a rapidly...

Top law school grad Guy Padraic Hamilton-Smith banned from bar exam, he’s a registered sex offender

January 6, 2014

His lawyer claims he is a sex addict who downloaded child porn by accident,

Guy Padraic Hamilton-Smith, 30, graduated in the top third of his law school class at the University of Kentucky, but the state Supreme Court blocked him from taking the bar exam because he is a...

CA HS teacher Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, 28 arrested, had 16 yr-old student’s baby

July 3, 2013

Well, isn’t that special.

A Redlands, Calif., high school teacher who allegedly gave birth to a baby fathered by a teen student has been arrested for having sex with the male pupil.

Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, 28, was arrested Monday evening after being questioned at her home in Redlands.

More here: 

The 28-year-old woman gave...

University Tells Student to Remove Cross Necklace

July 3, 2013

A Sonoma State University student was ordered to remove a cross necklace by a supervisor who thought other students might find it offensive, in a case that prompted even one campus official to speculate that “political correctness got out of hand.”

via University Tells Student to Remove Cross Necklace | FOX News...

Aww: Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor – Gay Boys Win ‘Cutest Couple’ at NY High School

June 4, 2013


The duo voted “cutest couple” in the senior class at a suburban New York high school say they’re getting teased about it — but not because they’re both boys.


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